New Hyundai IONIQ ELECTRIC 2020 Facelift Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I have a very very interesting car that I wait for a long
time and that is the new hyundai ioniq full electric 2020 model and i will
review it for you interior exterior and i will also make another video with the
test drive and I will test drive for you I’m really really excited excited about
this car and let’s go to the to the work so the key it’s right here is not a big
difference from the previous key so you can see it it’s a very light key I like
the buttons I like also this gray color here it’s quite interesting very light
and I like it very much now let’s go to the car guys and let me
show you the exterior of the car here the the big changes of changes of the
car are the new LED lights in the front so you can see the design in the front
it’s kind of totally changed and I like it much more with those line you can see
now the daylight here then we have also here another two LED lights right here
and I find it really really nice it looked really beautiful in my opinion
also let me open the blinkers for you guys here the handle before I go to
forward the handle it’s it’s classic you just have to have the key in your pocket
you just press the button and the doors will be lock we have electric windows
folding windows there and then let me go inside inside also have an interesting
design here with much more cool feature and I will go in the moment inside the
car but before going inside let me show you
LED lights right here on the mirror it look really beautiful and also you can
see the blinkers right here we don’t have LED lights in the front it’s just a
normal boat right guys but it still look very nice in my opinion
you can see the front of the car look really beautiful and they work a lot of
the aerodynamic of the car you can see the shape of the car you know you
remember the first hyundai ioniq electric has the best best our dynamic
from this class so you and I make a great job with this car they have a
great eye or dynamic and the consumption of the car it’s it’s fabulous
also anyway let me go forward so the blinkers right here the new LED LED
light design also full LED the other hybin and adoptive high beam and all
that stuff here you see it before those LED lights then here on the side we have
an interesting design in the bumper with some lines that make the car look pretty
interesting here we have the four parking sensors you can see the parking
sensors in the front then we have the Hyundai logo in the middle behind this
logo it’s the rudder for adaptive cruise control emergency brake you know Hugh
knife make also a great job with those safety settings like Lane Assist but for
Lane Assist you will need this camera right there there is the camera that
help you keep the car in the lane for the Lane Assist adaptive cruise control
and also the car can read the speed limit traffic signs so that’s really a
great stuff here in the front we have the grill of course like in the electric
cars no grill no air intakes here for a better aerodynamic so I find it really
nice I like the front of the car other than that the hood it’s similar with the
previous version some lines here on the side I like the way it looks it looks
really nice and down here we have some kind of air intakes for the battery the
air go sometimes the battery need to be cooled and some little part of the air
go there down there to the battery and then other than that it’s just simple
yeah not not a huge difference from the previous model
design of the car it’s kind of similar the size and the shape because they did
already a great job with the first model so they don’t change too many things
they just improve the first version so it’s kind of like an a facelift to the
old ioniq here we have these nice rims so you can see there are our rims they
have a nice shape in my opinion they look super super nice also we have this
energy saver michelin tires they have on it for a better aerodynamic and those
are I think 16 inch rims you can see right there 16 inch rims so the
consumption should be awesome they don’t look so nice on the car you
can put a bigger one if you want to but they are very economical and very very
energy safer so that’s a good thing blue drive here logo of course on the side
that you know that’s a blue car economy car also here on around the wheels we
just have this this paint so normal then down here we have some plastic you can
see from here begin this plastic that you can take it off it’s better than in
the Tesla Model 3 in Tesla Model 3 the body of the car is directly until here
so anytime you scratch here or it can rust very easy so you have to take care
of this part here but in this hyundai ioniq you don’t have to care too much
because here you can change this part down here so if you can change it very
easy so you don’t have to worry about the rust down here so that’s a good
thing that’s an extra good thing also I like
this protection down here that protect the doors you can see all the way to the
back it protects the door when you open it so that’s a good thing in the doors
here we have an LED light for tonight pretty awesome and also it should be the
blind spot technology right here in the corner I think you can see it right and
then the mirror it’s big and you have a good visibility I like also the handles
as you can see some some kind chrome design on the upper side here and
then we have the button that you close and lock and unlock the doors a line
here that go all the way through the car so I like also these lines from the side
of the car pretty interesting and around the windows we have some chrome design
so you can see the chrome that go all the way to around the windows there and
also the windows has a nice shape we will go inside to see the space in the
interior now in the same in the back here the same story
I like this radio antenna it’s look like a shark tail very interesting also the
windows is tinted in the back look very nice and the shape the way the shape
it’s really beautiful in my opinion I’d really like it also in the back here the
blinkers are also normal bulb light no LED light on the blinkers but those
those red lights look really nice and those are LED light and they look really
beautiful really really I like this design I don’t know about you guys but I
really like those lines they look super super nice anyway the back of the car
look beautiful we have here the LED light on the on the back brake light and
then we have another window here for great visibility so you can see inside
the car so here we have a window you don’t even notice because it’s so tinted
that you don’t even notice that there it’s a window that you have the electric
writing here ionic hyundai ioniq electric and then here we have the
reverse camera and the handle to open the trunk right there and here we have
the reverse light LED light right here in the middle then we have the parking
sensors for parking sensors in the back as well and then some light reflection
and red light reflection and the bumper in the back with some lines and some
plastic here here come the number plate and also we have normal bulb light on
the number plate and other than that no exhaust pipe it’s just just the bumper
there in the back yeah and I like the shape of
the car I like the shape of the back of the car it’s look really interesting let
me close now I like also you can hear that the quality of the doors it’s much
much better amazing quality also on the Hume that you have a very very long
warranty on the cars so that’s a great thing I think it’s the longest warranty
it’s on Hyundai and Kia cars and that’s a cool thing let me open the I wanna
open the charging port guys I don’t remember where is that button right here
this is the button for the charging port and let me show you the charging port is
right here where you can charge fast charging you have an LED light of course
right there so let me pull it out and you have also the fast charging port
right here so you can charge it at super fast charging the car in very fast time
so cool alright guys now I’m finished with the with the exterior of the car
also there you have a window a glass window I think I think you make an idea
about the exterior of the car also we will go inside and I will show you the
rest of the car and I will tell you my opinion so yes okay let’s go here behind
this Hindi logo you open the trunk we have manually lift gate here in the
trunk guys up here you have the handle and then there you have the window super
nice big windows big big big windows also I love the trunk of the of the
ioniq it’s really nice it’s really big here we have some plastic at the
entrance we don’t have a flat floor but we have like 50 centimeter here space so
it’s really deep and also going inside we have here tire mobility kit that you
can put it here on the side a lot of space we have also a light here here we
have the speaker amazing sound in this car I have to tell
you amazing amazing sound in this car here we have the books and all that
stuff that come near this car it’s a brand new car
also here we have the the the cable I think yes of course the cable that comes
standard with the car so this cable it comes with the car when you buy the car
and then other than that you have also this protection for the trunk that can
pull it out there is the interior of the car the interior of the car look
fabulous I see the car in Frankfurt and I was really impressed I really liked
the interior they change a lot on the multimedia system and down here you
still have a space where you can put your stuff so this is quite awesome and
also there in the front you still have another space let me show you another
space right there in the front and that that’s really cool really big space here
in the trunk I’m really really impressed with how much space you have here it’s a
lot of space so you don’t have to worry also let me go here and the bad guys and
before that let me adjust the front seat someone was staying here in the front
seat it’s way way in the back so of course electric adjustable buttons
here like you and I used to do and they are working perfectly yes it’s just just
fabulous the way they work let me go invite my driving position my driving
position just like that maybe a little bit in the front just like that perfect
perfect let me go in the back now amazing the door sound amazing when you
close the doors let’s feel like you are in the Mercedes or very expensive car
let me fall down the seat and then and then let’s see how it is it’s looking
like so you can fold this down all the way in the front and you have a
flat floor here so it’s pretty awesome I like that look how much space you have
look how big is the entrance in the car it’s huge entrance a lot of space down
here on the legs huge space on the legs a lot of space in the car guys pretty
awesome I like this shape you take this off
and you have a huge space right here you can carry so so big items even mobile
parts because you have this huge entrance in the car so it’s it’s quite
big I like it not a flat floor but it’s big
great job Hyundai even here it has a nice nice sound when you close it also
here this is staying here when you open the door and let me fold out fold the
seat back and then let me show you the space in the back here also I think the
car come from the factory with those seats a little bit too much in the back
because this passenger seat is also way in the back the passenger seat it’s
manually adjustable so you have to adjust it manually so let me put it in
the yes like the driver position yeah right now you can see it’s the same as
the driver position and now we can measure the space in the back but I tell
you as it looks I think it’s huge space I like the entrance in the car it’s
really big I like those windows the shape of the
windows really awesome I like the way they do it with these two
parts because in this way you can go all the way down with the window here the
quality of the doors it’s kind of a plastic but very nice design I like the
trim of this plastic also we have a handle here pretty nice
Oh so here have soft materials where your
armrest then we have this heated seat in the back really awesome great job
Hyundai the button for electric windows some space here I like this this this
color here this grey hair look group is super nice then have the speaker and
some storage space here pretty awesome really great really really great quality
some aluminium here at the entrance some little plastic and then we have the
entrance in the car plenty of space as I can see there on the silver legs we will
see in the moment some storage space some plastic in the back of the windows
right here I have the hope the front seat I’m in and then here on the side we
have some plastic and then we have those amazing amazing leather seats from
Hyundai I know here and I make fantastic seats they are very comfortable we have
some little holes here in the city we have easel fix for the kids and also
here the side support in the shape of the seat are really really awesome you
can see the seats they are there great hi I always say that you and I make one
of the best seats here you have armrests with two cupholders leather great
quality fantastic quality let me go inside now guys and then let me close
also this door I don’t need this door anymore and then here in the middle we
have two vents and they look so nice with this chrome design here they feel
also good as you touch it a good quality I like them and then down there we have
just plastic all the way through so usually I was expecting to have an USB
port down here but I guess it’s not the case I’m not sure if you can take it as
an option to come with the USB port in the back but on this model it doesn’t
have it now let me see the space on my legs it’s huge
phenomenal I didn’t expect that and you can see the seats in the front
the driver sits in my position my driving position and this sit here it’s
a little bit in the back so you still have plenty of space leg space there and
then look at the space huge space I can stretch a little bit the legs under the
front seat and then here guys electric electric cars I don’t have that
space you know usually you have this space on the electric cars but in this
one you are all the way down great job you and I I love that plenty of space on
my head you can see here not not kind of plenty but two three fingers there no
problem and if I go a little bit in the front I have an amazing position here
and I like the way I like the way I stay here in the back it’s really comfortable
the seats are awesome and I think they last longer because they have good
quality the visibility on the windows it’s great it’s great for the passenger
it’s fantastic good visibility maybe for driver a little bit of blind spot here
but the car have reversed camera so it should be not a big problem now here in
the middle you have a little bump just a small one much better than the I see
cars going in the middle guys the legs room you can see it right here I have a
lot of legroom I can stay with the legs a little bit together and this head
space also three fingers up there really good also good position here in the
middle no problem my hand stretching yes not so much stretching kind of
stretching for free people not very comfortable for long trips but for short
trips City trips free people here no problem great job Hyundai I like that
also here we have kind of LED light inside you can see it pretty nice I like
that also we have this glass roof there you can also manually close it much
better you don’t have any mechanical stuff that can broke so it’s I like that
it’s very fast don’t have to press the button you just do it manually so I
it’s classroom they’re super awesome we will go in the front now guys and then
here we have some leather great armrests I like this leather good quality from
here and I it lasts very long I love the new dashboard the new
dashboard the steering wheel the new multimedia system look gorgeous gorgeous
gorgeous I have to tell you they look phenomenal
and we will go in the moment there to show you the rest of the car and also
the center console look fabulous I know many of people have a lot of question
about that and I will try to answer you right now
guys by the way if you are in Switzerland you can come here at policy
automobile in Guerra finger you can go online guys and search for them you can
see the website their policy automobile punk to Hajj they have plenty of Hyundai
cars amazing cars great quality and the price it’s awesome they have great price
here really ok let me go in the front guys the same big windows I love the
window it’s made from one pieces here and I make this window for one pieces
and they do a great job you have great visibility I love the way it looks and
also the the doors are so tiny you can see so skinny doors not fat like in the
other car so this way you can save much more space in the interior in the front
we have soft material right here kind of a rubber and nice trim you can see it
has a nice nice trim there I like it also the handle chrome design then we
have the electric seed saving position from here you can save position that
those are the button some speaker right here and then we have also soft material
right here on the armrest and also here it’s soft material all over here good
quality it’s kind of a rubber not sure about the material but it’s soft then we
go here we have the electric windows adjustable mirrors windows right here
and also lock and unlock the door I think you already know what are those
buttons some space here and close and open the doors of light reflectors the
speaker right here we have the Infinity speaker great quality as well
you have collaboration with Hyundai and also a lot of space right here in the
door awesome the door look really nice that it’s maximum what you can do what
you can have for the car then we have ionic logo here with some aluminum at
the entrance I like the entrance in the car so so small plastic here not so much
as in other cars it’s just so small you know just go so easy in the car electric
seats you already see it I already test it they work awesome as
usually from Hyundai aluminium pedals great job I like the way they look this
is really awesome and then here you have the fuse box I’m not going to open it
here you open the charging port I show you already and here is just the
schedule the charging and stuff like that then you have the latencies the
blind spot technology the light inside the car this ambient light no no no this
is just the the light you can adjust the light in the front the high beam the low
beam and the night light this is the this is the ambient light that you can
see it right there on the screen or night charging you can see it go up or
down the way you want maximum so you can see the ambient light inside the car all
that lights are much more stronger now so the seat guys are awesome you and I
make fantastic seat you already know from my other videos side support side
support awesome quality they last longer because they have good quality and they
look also very nice they are electric you can adjust it the position the way
you want it so only the driver seat the passenger seat it’s manually adjustable
up there the glass roof small glass roof that you can open it really awesome as
well so then let me go to the to the new Vance guys the new Vance look
awesome I like this gray dark color with plastic around here then Chrome then
this shape looks super awesome then up here on the Honda on the
dashboard soft material you can see this kind of stitches here then we have the
speaker but let me go inside car because it’s so cold today
it’s like minus three degrees you can see the seat it’s moving every time I go
inside the car you have this position here save the position and then the seat
will go automatic in the position that you save it so let me go forward I want
to go up here we have a big mirror light up here separately you can open it then
I love this I love this glass support here I think all the cars should have
this glass support up here then we have SOS button then we have the light and I
delight and then controllers from for this the last but I’m not going to open
it you can open it and close it you can change the way you want it from here
I’m not going to open it because it’s very cold outside then you have the
sensors up here you can see it the sensors the camera right there those are
for raining sensors the camera for Lane Assist and reading the traffic speed
limit the mirror it’s really big here and actually guys I think you can see it
has a very good quality I like it and I like also the windows there in the back
actually around the car you have great great visibility guys in Windows you can
see even in the back there very good visibility and also the car have a
reverse camera so you have great great visibility inside this car the position
of driving yes because you’re interested in that it’s awesome the dashboard has a
nice design you have good visibility on the windows in the mirrors as well great
visibility I like that the position the comfort of those it it’s awesome guys
really awesome also the steering wheel it’s in top-5 steering wheels on one of
my favorite it’s so easy to use good quality good grip here guys
you have the regenerate regenerate break from here from these clappers up plus in
minutes so you can choice the regenerate while you’re driving and here are the
buttons very simple to adjust different settings on the cockpit right there and
also here on the other side so it’s really really easy to adjust really easy
to use really awesome I love it really love it and also there is the new
cockpit great design you can see here they make kind of a hole here look super
nice up there I like the way it looks everything looks so nice this dashboard
it’s soft we have every every everywhere its soft design here we have a speaker
and the vents that are in the back I think you can see it it’s really nice
design really soft material I like the way they design the vents you can see
those lines that go all the way through here and then they go all the way
through there and I like the way they do it they do a great job beautiful design
and I like the vents also we have some ambient light you can see here the
ambient light inside the car it’s awesome also here you have some blue
light super nice super nice look super super beautiful I love it
also let’s go to the glovebox huge globe box really big I didn’t expect that
really very big globe box here I like it I like also the way they design this
space here in the car it’s so much space guys look how much space you have here
it’s kind of awesome how much space you have here you can put so many so big
things like like a small rucksack you can put it here it’s really awesome this
center console the armrest it’s great you can rest your arm here without any
problem and then a huge space here really big space and
also an USB port right there illuminated with LED lights then you have a space
here in the front where you can put your stuff like keys and I like this glossy
plastic around there two cupholders you can take it out of course or smoke if
you want to electric hand brakes parking sensors the view camera view then we
have ventilated seat guys no many cars in this class have ventilated sit even
Tesla doesn’t have and elated seats so this is a great extra to have on a car
how to hold heated steering wheel also Tesla doesn’t have it drive mode here
you change the drive mode sport eco or the way one drive then you have this
handle that’s cool and then you have some space here kind of huge space where
you can put your phone I think you can charge your phone Wireless from here how
cool is that I like it of course yes you put your phone here and it charge it
Wireless Wow awesome then look at this this is the gear shifter one of the
nicest on the market today the gear shifter you just have to to press the
end D Drive parking reverse so you have to just press it like that and you drive
the car how awesome is that great job I love that you and I do a
great job keep it going keep the great job going on so guys now that I show you
almost everything let me show you the start engine start engine the keys in my
pocket I don’t even need to take it out here we have the newest s system from
Hugh and I the new display it’s really big its glossy it’s nice integrated here
with some glossy plastic and the vents also they feel nice as you touch it good
quality quite impress the blinkers you see it and then guys it’s awesome it’s
it’s really awesome you can change the language let me put in English now guys
it’s awesome awesome awesome screen I love the scream I have to
I really really love the screen you can see it right here confirm all right and
then you can see it’s much more bigger and you have awesome great visibility
from the driver point of view so you have directly their visibility you have
here for example all that shortcuts button map radio media set up here for
example you go to setup and you can set up vehicle advanced sound general
network voice recognized and though that stopped vehicle for example go to
vehicle you have to power up the vehicle so you press one more time and look how
cool it look they’re just super nice let me close the climatic system is right
here guys let me kind of close it because we cannot hear each other how I
do that have from here okay turn it off turn it off where it’s turn it off
driver only you have this possibility driver only it’s kind of cool you have
the front front only the front here you have here only the rear and then maybe
if I press this it will close I don’t know maybe I go down there cause I don’t
know of the cool oh yeah look at this hit a CC of auto so you go off and you
turn it off and then it will be off yes off okay great
now here down here you have a twelve volt port USB port and again 12 volt
port and this space here I think I already show you
and now start/stop button there you have the new display it’s really awesome
the colors look great you have all kind of information there about card battery
charging level in the right side how many kilometer have the card
consumption how many kilometer you will still be
able to drive at the car so with this car you are able to drive
around 300 kilometer I’m not going to go into detail right now I just want to
show you the car interior but you can you can drive this car till 300
kilometer in the summer with a full battery you can see here how much
battery you still have 26 percent you have here 81 kilo meter you have the
navigation you can change these settings here very simple and very easy super
awsome have the time you have the climatic system one kind of info vehicle
you go to vehicle you have all kind of information about the car here the
driving mode you can change different settings you can go to echo and you can
choice the way you want to put it every time when you are an echo from here you
change the different driving mode so you can see this button you can change
different driving modes every time I touch it you can see on the screen there
it’s changing sport eco normal it’s blue and then sport this change the color in
red and echo it’s in green so pretty awesome I like that so you are an echo
and every time you can you can customize the way you want it from here you can
customize every single level you can customize the way you want it and yeah
that’s that that’s the that’s the climatic also you can you can choice the
way you want it phone connectivity advanced sound general here you have
general settings GPS language keyboard screensaver and blah blah blah it’s so
complex it’s much more complex than before it’s a glossy screen much better
than previous one the previous one one was not glossy but this one is glossy
and it’s easy to use it easy to go into every details right here display here
you have the display brightness luminosity blue light filter that’s for
your eyes if you don’t want to get fast broke your eyes see it and then here
have all kind of information about the sound volume level it’s wrong guys it’s
so complex you have also great great sound inside this car advanced here you
have kind of return to map steering wheel mode buttons home you are you can
change so many things it gets so complete
start to be one of the best multimeters and I have to tell you this is one of my
favorite after I see that I love the new multimedia system from unites really
awesome here you have the shortcuts you go to map here we have the navigation
system it’s work really really fast I will do a full review guys with with
this multimedia system from here night the new one and I have to tell you it’s
one of the best and you see no lag at all no lag it’s work so fast it’s much
better than the previous one I love that this is the navigation it’s work fast
and nice here’s navigation you can go into every single detail you can change
here so many details route yeah I don’t want to go into detail then you have the
radio then you have the media here also you can connect your car Android auto
and also apple carplay and all that stuff great great create
navigation guys Hewlett did a great job I don’t go into detail because I will
make a full review with this with this multimedia system I will show you
shortly also the cockpit I want to go into
detail a little bit here here as you can see on the steering wheel you have these
buttons where you can change what you like to see on the cockpit right there
so you can go in driver mode so you have driver assistant doors light convenient
service interval reset and then you can go driving a system then here you have
all kind of assistant systems Lane Assist forward safety emergency brake
parking safe and blind spot technology and all that stuff then doors slide I’m
not going to go into detail here because I think you already know it let me go
forward press this button again you see the consumption you see how many
kilometer you did before and then look at this driving information driving
style then energy flow and then the consumption so pretty awesome
then let me Joyce exchange again then here you have the navigation system so
every time you choice the destination or let me
show you let me try to trace the destination here for example let me get
here okay and then start guidance starting route guidance and then right
now it’s working you can see how fast it’s loading it’s much better this
hardware and software behind this navigation and then now on the screen
you can see the information about your trip where to go how to go and stuff
like that and change this you have Lane Assist attention level speed limit
warning tire pressure keep Lane Assist and all that stuff so you can change
these convenience so as you see before you can adjust the way you want this
stuff right here in the front and also yeah it’s quite great here you have also
the the cruise control you can see it there on the screen there you have this
button for the distance and then from here you can change the music level
telephone and all that stuff pretty are some great colors I like the new new
screen look awesome and also from the driver point of view look gorgeous
guys I love it I love the car I love everything around here the price I’m not
able to tell you the price for the moment but soon I will tell you the
price let me close the engine actually like that and then this one oh okay
great guys the price I’m not sure to tell you
for the moment it’s not ready yet but when will be ready the price I will
tell you in my opinion it’s a great car I will do the test drive not today
because I don’t have time but tomorrow I will do the test drive and I will add
this video on my channel so check out stay tuned on my channel subscribe if
you didn’t yet and you will see maybe when you see this video maybe the the
test drive will be also on the on the YouTube on my channel thank you for
watching I hope it was helpful guys also I forget to show you something I don’t
get to show you that you can adjust the steering wheel from here so
can adjust the steering wheel the way you want it manually from down here yes
now I show you okay guys I hope you enjoyed it please subscribe to my
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Tesla Model 3 some of this feature that are on this car like ventilated seats
like what was what was what was here ventilated seat heated on the steering
wheel of course yeah heated steering wheel in the winter it’s great so anyway
guys I think the cards are some great quality love the seats the seat are
awesome I feel so good sitting on them they are really really good also a lot
of space in the back guys I wait you in the test-drive video we will see how the
the car accelerate how the car is doing on the on the road and the consumption
and all that stuff so until then stay safe
subscribe to my channel check out my other videos and see you soon guys bye