Never Buy Plastic Parts for Your Car Again, Do This Instead

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna show
you, how you can repair plastic parts on your car by bonding them together, now
I’ve been welding metal parts on cars for decades, but plastic hey try a welder
on that you’ll just destroy the stuff
it’ll just vaporize, now with the amount of plastic parts of modern day
cars, it’s a good thing that this guy has come up with a system where you can bond
the plastic back together and patch it, tech bond solution it’s a small company
in Ohio and they have made a system where you can actually patch the plastic
and in the interest of fairness, I’ve tried out many companies, nobody’s paying
me to talk about the companies, I tried out ones see which ones are good and the
ones that work, hey I’m gonna talk about like this one, these patches kind of
remind me of the old patches we used to use on car tires, only the car tire ones
had glue built into them, these don’t have any glue, to make the patch bond
there’s a kit, it comes with the preparation, an activator and the glue
itself, now to me it seems to make a lot of sense that a three-part bonding
process is gonna be a lot better than just getting something like superglue
and trying to glue two parts together, this has three separate pieces, as you
can see here, here’s a patch I made practicing and another patch here
practicing, stuff’s hard it’s actually more stiff than the plastic that it’s
bonding together, which I find interesting because if you know anything
about welding metal, the welds are actually stronger than the metal they’re
welding together that’s the strongest part, well
this plastic bonding stuff works the same way only with plastic, here I’m gonna
show you how to fix a broken part that’s crackedm first you get the poly prep the
preparation, and you spray it all around the area, then while that’s drying cut a
piece of the patch that’s big enough to fit over there, and as a tip, always make
it a little bit bigger than where the crack is, so it won’t spread then you can
get a heat gun, being a mechanic I got a heat
but you can also use your wife’s hairdryer they’ll work good too and turn it on
full blast, ah it’s kind of chilly this morning
feels good and heat the area you heat it for about 30 seconds and then
before you put the patch on you heat that up a little too, then you get the
activator accelerator, spray the both sides with that, then you get to actual
glue in this case it’s a tech mind SI blue, put that around the area and a
little on the patch and put them together, and if you really want them to
stick forever, here’s a trick, flip the piece over, turn it over, then get the
activator accelerator again, spray it on the crack, then heat it up with your hair
dryer for about 30 seconds and voila you got a nice solid patch, isn’t gonna come
apart, now this is just an under part on a car that covers things up so
you don’t care if it looks a little bit messy, it’s totally solid now, you don’t care
you don’t even see this it’s under the car but if you’re doing a body panel like this,
when you’re done you fill the cracks up sand them, prime them and then paint them
and they look perfect, what you want here is, a nice strong structural fix so it
won’t come apart again, cuz over the years I’ve tried various types of just
plain old super glue, a lot of times yeah it’ll hold it for a while, but then the
crack just rips right open, you get a patch like this, the things solid now
that’s actually stronger than the rest of the plastic, so all in all these tech bond
guys hey, they came up with a good idea instead of throwing away that plastic
stuff and have to buy an expensive parts that cost hardly anything to make, but
hey you can only get them from the dealer, you can now bond the parts back
together with a patch and since this is mechanic Mondaym I’m giving away a set of
this tech bond molecular bonding system patchm to have a chance to win just place
a clean non-offensive comment on youtube
comments below and a winner will be chosen randomly by computer to get a
nice plastic patching kits for all that plastic junk on your car that
breaks offm so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videosm
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