Never Buy Car Parts From This Place (I Lost Thousands)

rev up your engines made in China today
I’m gonna talk about problem I see all too often these days counterfeit or
cheap knockoff car parts now here’s the part of customer bought it was a mass
airflow sensor as you can see it was made in China now unfortunately the
vehicle that went on was made in Japan and the original mass airflow sensor was
made in Japan Chinese made one was less than 100 bucks and the original
equipment factory one was three hundred and fifty bucks the customer decided to
try the Chinese one I guess what bit him and me in the rear end cuz when I put it
in actually ran worse than it did was the old one I put the old one back and
drove it around looked at the data and I put the new one in the new one actually
had worse data than the old one that had been worn up and when it comes to fixing
cars nothing and I mean nothing is worse than you find what the problem is you
were placed apart it doesn’t fix the problem so you think gee it must have
been something else we’ll need to find out later if you ever do find out that
yes the original part was bad but the cheap knockoff replacement part wasn’t
any good either and unfortunately even I’ve gotten stung
by this check on my wife’s Lexus bad lights were all fogged up so I thought
oh I’ll get a cool more modern style set to put on well I did look what happened
to year and a half later that no one’s starting to crack look at that I gotta
polish them up they’re all crack because they were poorly made in China
guess what it’s like these cool looking lens I put on your matrix check it out
inside the plastic is a bubbling out I mean just poor quality and unfortunately
I see this more and more every day talking about is cheap knockoff oil
filters in this case it’s an STP but you look closely it’s made in China now good
oil filters don’t cost that much maybe eight or ten bucks if you buy the ice
quad you want don’t go out and buy these dollar ninety-nine two dollar ones you
get a chance at with your engine to save five six bucks that’s just stupid now
there’s tons of good oil filters there I got a whole video on there’s
really only a few manufacturers of oil filters like you take the Pennzoil platiunum oil filters penzoil is an oil company they don’t make oil filters
I believe Fram makes those but it’s their high-end ones that do have
silicone gaskets better valves and I drain back valves inside they’re
perfectly fine so you buy one of those for 8 or 10 bucks or something or buy
them and volume on Amazon or Ebay and get them cheaper as long as they’re the
actual ones and don’t say made in China those are great oil filters but please
don’t buy the cheapest ones you can get your hands on 99 cents a dollar 99 they
don’t filter as well and especially these days people put more and more
mileage before they change it the filters got a filtered even some of the
cheap ones will say oh good up to 3,000 miles where the more expensive ones will
say ten thousand miles or 15,000 miles they last longer
they filter better for a few bucks if you’re not changing your oil every three
but change it in every eight or ten get the more expensive filter it’s worth it
as you can see from the inside of this quality filter it’s got silicone it has
a metal relief film not a plastic one and it’s got many more pleats made of
synthetic material it actually filter better I’m talking about is air filters
you don’t want to buy the cheapest air filter either because they just don’t
filter as well well count them one two three four five six seven eight nine 10
11 12 13 14 15 16 you could tell it’s bigger 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
12 13 14 15 16 17 it’s also wider bigger surface area it’s gonna filter better
plus the OEM filters they’re often a better material if you look they’re
often thicker they’ve got a lot more filtration ability and here’s something
a lot of people don’t think about the air filter is before the mass airflow
sensor yes you have a cheap after-market filter little fibers can break off they
get sucked through the mass airflow sensor the mass airflow sensors are
often hot water sensors and what that means is that when you shut the car off
or when you start it up the mass air flow sensor hot water gets hot and it
burns impurities off if fibers from a cheap air filter get on
there can burn out your ass airflow sensor some of those things can cost
three four five hundred dollars do you really want to gamble that to save a
couple bucks on an air filter and for your safety don’t get cheap knockoff
tires especially cheap Chinese red ones check these out so here we’ll turn the
camera upside down and we look closely it says made in USA now these particular
tires have been honored for like 12 years and they’re starting to get a
little dry rot so I need to change them soon but they’ve never had a flap they
still got a ton of tread left on them before that this car had Chinese tires
on it when I bought it and they were so poorly made that they kept losing air
which is why I bought new ones and here’s the weird thing
they were just losing air through osmosis I take them off I put them in the
bathtub fill it up with water no bubbling so it didn’t show any leaks but
that cap losing pressure they were just losing it through the
casing of the tire it was so poorly manufactured that the air just over time
was leaking out now I didn’t in a bathtub because we just sit there I’m
assuming that when you drove down a highway at highway speeds the tire got
hotter then the air started to leak out more but regardless the Chinese made ones leaked air these babies haven’t leaked there in 12 years so don’t buy
cheap knockoff tires and if you don’t like no I don’t buy cheap brake pants I
don’t know how many hundreds of times that people got me a car they said
Scotty we put brakes on it but it’s squeaking like man what’s wrong and I
take them off and I look and I said you got these cheap brake pads they’re just
made too cheap and they make a lot of noise I just tell if you don’t like
noise by these Akebono pads I bought Akebono pads it’s a Japanese
company they make excellent brake pads yeah they cost more but so why did you
spend 20 or 30 dollars more on a set of brake pads it’s gonna last you today you
might get seventy eighty thousand miles or more out of a set of brake pads what
do you care if it’s twenty or thirty bucks extra for peace of mind for a
quality product it will make hardly any noise at all it really breaks our safety
item they turn all the kinetic energy of your car when you’re going 60 miles an
hour and slam on the brakes into heat energy they have to dissipate
he you doubled when I go cheap on brake pads at a customer you want to save
money on parts for his cars so he went to one of these online buyers and he was
buying some brake calipers that were Delco now if you know anything about
Delco the name is spelled DELCO now the calipers he brought me to put on his
vehicle they said Delco too but they came in an unmarked box and when I
pulled the calipers out casting them was Delco DELKO it was cast in a steel
but it was spelled wrong so that particular one was a dead giveaway they
spelled Delco wrong and like I said it was a non mark box tactically here in the
United States the boxes are all supposed to say where the product comes from nor
in the case of this bad mass airflow sensor at least it says mag China you
know where it’s coming from I don’t particularly advise buying these
chinese-made ones for air sensors but at least to told you where it was from
always check the box says main China and it’s an electronic part I would be
extremely leery about putting it on my car especially something like a mass
airflow sensor that measures how much air goes into the engine and grants per
second tells the computer how much fuel to push in the engines of the fuel
injectors by how many milliseconds it sprays it’s a very complex stuff and
often the knockoff parts just will not perform correctly right out of the box
or they break within a few months I’ve seen that happen too now purely
mechanical simple parts it could be okay like this he’s a dog bone mount it’s
motor mount it was made in Thailand they don’t go to work in Thailand this
thing’s been on here for a long time it’s all that point well no problems
it’s actually lasting better than the original one my English motorcycle
Triumph air it was made in Thailand it’s the best triumph I’ve read what I’ve
seen a factory job in Thailand is a good job I got friends from Thailand they
said sooner you got a job they’re getting paid that’s a good job that can
support a whole bunch of their family off of that they make Ducati motorcycles
in Thailand they make all kinds of stuff from Thailand there’s nothing wrong with
our stuff it’s like got motor mounts it’s steel and rubber it’s not rocket
science making those things like I said electronic stuff not so much you don’t
want to get some cheap after-market one dark I used to make pretty good
batteries in United States ages ago most of their production from what I see
comes from South Korea seeing a lot of Delco batteries they say made in South
Korea guess what they seem to be some of the worst batteries I’ve ever seen years
ago a chain here that was called Charlie’s high-low they used to sell
them they sold them pretty cheap for like 29 bucks apiece
I bought scores of them within a year or two every single one of them came back
because it was bad and here’s the reason behind that when I was young mechanic we had batteries at the gas station they were sealed vacuum sealed there was no
acid item customer wanted a battery we popped the seals repor battery acid and
charge it on a charge of machine for about an hour so theoretically batteries
could last forever because they were vacuum sealed there was nothing going on
once you put the acid and they start to deteriorate well these Delco batteries made in South Korea they are made with acid in then
they ship them over here they’re sealed batteries you can’t add anything anyways
even if you wanted to as they’re coming by ship forever they make it over here
they’re degrading over time by the time people get them here I start using them
blood acid batteries their lifespan starts to deteriorate as soon as you put
the acid in I’ve had customers buy those they’ll get a year and then they go back
they just deteriorated that badly what you want from a battery is the freshest
bad you can like eggs you want one that it’s a small possibility go someplace
where they sell a lot of batteries I personally go to an autozone that’s two
blocks down the street because one it’s two blocks down the street and they sell
a ton of batteries so they have a big turnover batteries they’re always
getting fresh ones in and even then I look at the little date sticker they all
have date stickers and if you don’t comprehend it have them explain they can
tell you how old that battery is my advice if it’s more than a month old
don’t buy it get one that’s less than a month old certainly I want this three or
four or five or six months old because it’s been sitting on a shelf
deteriorating they’re not made to sit being full of acid
to my knowledge the only place left where you can get a vacuum-sealed
battery there’s a mercedes-benz dealer for the Big giant Mercedes
last time I bought one they had them and popped it with the acid and charged it
and a way you want because a lifespan of that is pretty much indefinite because
there’s no acid in it yet so you can sit there for years not so once they put the
acid now if you don’t work on your car take e to this Jeep from the right side
of channellock players main China it’s so cheap that it doesn’t even tell you
that it’s made in China I know it is cuz it sets on the box but the tool itself
doesn’t say anything it doesn’t tell you where it’s made when they don’t tell you
where they’re made they’ve made some cheap place that’s just the way it goes
these days and I know a little bit more about cheaper knockoff auto parts or
tool and how you can discern the good from the bad from the really ugly, so if
you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell