NC State University – Wolfpack Motorsports

I just like the fact that I get to be on
a race team, basically. Like that’s a lifelong dream for me is to be a race
engineer. Every carbon fiber, different composite things that you see on the car — they go through me, I manufacture them I make it happen. I definitely would not get the composites knowledge in my mechanical engineering major. Going forward as an engineer especially if you’re designing components then you have a way more educated approach I am learning a lot about circuitry and basic electrical components — and I think that once I finally do take my electrical
circuits course that’s required for my major I’ll be able to do really well in
that class and also have a better background than most other students would. The whole car only weighs 460 pounds and it makes 100 horsepower. It does zero to 60 in about three and a half second. It’ll pull two G’s in a corner
it’ll break with 1.8 G’s. It is faster anything you can drive on the road legally. It’s a crazy opportunity and it’s pretty awesome that we get to drive
it as you know college students. Being part of this club has really set my foot through the door for looking for a career in the automotive industry. Having
something to talk about during interviews or recruitment events that
sets you apart from the competition is something that I think really happens at
Wolfpack Motorsports. You know getting to work with people that aren’t necessarily in your major, getting used to working with a team. It’s some of the best experience you can get. It really carries on to when you go into industry.