Nasiol ZR53 | Nano ceramic car coating application

Nasiol ZR53 nano car paint protection is
applied easily on all lacquered paint body with the shown order and black
plastic trim surfaces rims and bumpers your car should be prepared accordingly
and free of dust dirt and oil make sure your car is totally dry apply the
product in a closed space before applying the product clean the surface
with nasi all clean to increase bonding performance and make sure there is no
minor dirt or residue wear nitrile gloves when applying the product gently
shake the bottle a few times and open the lid tip the bottle of z r53 on the
cotton applicator pad four to five times for the right amount of product for one
panel as shown on the application video one panel is around one square meter
use one cotton applicator pad for two panels at the most apply the product
with the pad to the surface with the gentle pressure and moving in vertical
lines until you have covered the entire area do not buff with the application
pad be sure to miss no spots to achieve the
required coding size immediately wipe the panel with the microfiber cloth just
after bubbling forms on the surface use the initial buffing microfiber first to
remove excess product from the car buff the panel with circular movements and
with gentle pressure to not damage unformed nano-coating fold the cloth in
order to obtain eight sides and use every side of the microfiber use the
final buffing microfiber with circular and gentle movements until there is no
haze or residue apply to each panel step-by-step and finish the job all
applications are complete approximately in one hour one layer of coating is
enough if desired a second layer can be applied after all car application is
finished wait for 48 hours protecting it from wax stains rain and washing Zr 53
technology enables it to achieve a nano coating protecting your car for up to
three years nasi all love and protect the original