NASBIS Insulating Sheets

Many thermal management materials in today’s market
focus on spreading heat, or transferring heat away from a specific area within an
electronic device. But in some cases, this might not be enough. Engineers are now
looking for ways to isolate heat. Along with this trend, devices are getting smaller,
more complex, and powerful. At Panasonic, we are continuing our efforts to innovate in the
thermal management market, and are proud to announce the release of our new thermal management
material, NASBIS. NASBIS stands for Nano Silica Balloon Insulator Sheet. Here
we have a NASBIS standard sheet, wrapped in polyester tape, it is a thin,
flexible, heat-insulating sheet composed of polyester fiber, and its high thermal
isolated properties and proprietary silica air gel. To put things in perspective,
air is a very good thermal insulator with a thermal connectivity rating of
0.015 watts per meter Kelvin, whereas the NASBIS thermal connectivity rating
can go down to as low as 0.014 watts per meter Kelvin. To show
how effective NASBIS is at isolating heat, I’ll do a quick demonstration using a
hot plate, a stick of butter, and a single sheet of one millimeter NASBIS. On the
right side of the hot plate, I’ll place the butter on top of the NASBIS sheet.
And on the left side, I’ll place the butter directly onto the hot plate.
Notice how the butter is not meling when the NASBIS is in place. The NASBIS completely
blocks the heat from the hot plate from transferring into the butter. NASBIS is
a special material that adds flexibility to an engineer’s thermal management tool kit.
This material is similar to Panasonic’s PGS, in that it packs a big punch in a
small package. At roughly one tenth of the thickness of standard insulation materials,
and twice the performance specs, NASBIS is thin enough to add into small package devices
with high power requirements. Our thickest offerings range from 100 to 1,000 microns.
NASBIS should also be considered for use in addition to PGS. These materials can work
together to create staggering results in both heat reduction, and heat isolation
at the same time. Remember to stay flexible when looking for new thermal solutions.
Panasonic has recognized that thermal management means more than just heat spreading
in today’s market, and we want to make sure today’s engineers are equipped for this. For more information on NASBIS, or how
to find a distributor, click the link above.