MSU Formula Racing Team engineers excellence

– [Narrator] For these Spartan engineers, it’s not just go green and go white. (engine purring) It’s also go fast. (engine revving) (heavy techno music) (squealing tires) (engines roaring) (low intense music) – We have a pretty proud
history here at MSU Formula Racing that we’re
a perennial top 10 team. That’s something we really focus on, just transferring knowledge
from year to year, so that those mistakes can be learned from, and we can build on those. And, as you can see, the car
that’s sitting over there is one of the fastest we’ve
built in team history. – [Narrator] The team
builds a new car each year. They test and tweak for months, then go on to compete. (engine blaring) The first and biggest competition is in their own backyard at
Michigan International Speedway. – It’s the granddaddy of them
all, in terms of competitions. It’s the biggest in the world, and it is the most competitive. We normally do very well at those, and we take great pride
in how high we place in design each year. Which is really, not only
the car that you build and how fast it is, but how
well you back up those designs with engineering principles. (tires squealing) I would not be the
engineering student I am today without Formula SAE. It’s an opportunity to apply
our classroom principles to real world problem solving scenarios. – I’ve learned that the
companies or automobile companies prefer to hire Formula SAE alumni. My team members are
recruited, just like athletes, and many of them have job
offers or jobs lined up in their junior year. – You know this facility
that Michigan State provides us with, our faculty
advisor, Dr. Gary Cloud, they’ve all been great
supporters of our team for a long time. And we just want to continue
to push this team further, further and just go
faster each and every day.