MSc Mechanical Engineering at Oxford Brookes University

A master’s in Mechanical Engineering basically addresses the finer and complex issues of engineering design. The aspects they cover are related to the group design which is a big thing in the industry. They learn a lot about materials,. Materials are a big aspect of mechanical engineering subjects, as well as that, they have a chance to get involved in some type of research that we do here which is specific to natural composites, for example with our bamboo. The bamboo bike project started in 2008 and it was mainly to try to look at alternative materials our students can think of in engineering design projects. But not only alternative materials to say metals but also materials that may have the potential to be sustainable materials, such as bamboo. The course I am studying now is an MSc in Mechanical Engineering. I think it’s the best course for the mechanical engineering stream to concentrate mainly on design advance and design concepts like advanced engineering design, CAD/CAM, in that we’ll have more and more advanced options which we can use in design like more software, new software like Solidworks, CAD/CAM. I think I have learnt more about design which I can’t learn somewhere before in the before universities. It’s like the best module, best course I have taken here. The general aspects they learn makes, in fact, puts them in a good position as far as the employability goes because the industries that they can be employed in is huge. They could be employed in the automotive industry. They could be employed in the oil industry. They could be employed by chemical industries, processing plants. Recently we have space applications. We are in the zone where space application has become a big area for employment I think. It’s extraordinary, it’s amazing, it’s challenging, it’s inspiring, it’s great. I just don’t have enough words to describe it. It just exposes a lot about the course and I feel like I’m learning a lot and I feel so confident that wherever I find myself in the future I will be able to represent this university in a very accurate way. I think my tutors are very great. They are open at all times, even if you don’t book an appointment, compared to the closed door policy that I had in my country. You don’t just go to the lecturer’s office without an appointment. But right here you can email your lecturer, call, text and go to his office at any time without needing an appointment, just to get something straightened out and he straight off helps you immediately, so the level of support they give us here is amazing. It’s a great place to be, especially if you want to do something like motorsports, or automotive engineering, think Oxford Brookes University first. My first choice was to select Brookes because it is best in mechanical engineering automotive racing, and mainly the mechanical engineering concentrates on advanced design concepts which I have more interest to do on design so I have never looked back. I have just taken Brookes as my next year on to study my higher education.