MPO Long Range Transportation Plan

MPOs have a few core documents. There’s the Transportation Improvement Program,
the Annual Work Program, and the Long Range Transportation Plan. The Long Range Transportation Plan is a 25-year
plan that guides the region’s major infrastructure investments. First, we look at data in the region to find
out how things have changed since the last time the plan was updated. We look at things like population and employment
growth, changes in transportation technology, like self-driving cars, ride share, and having
things delivered to your house instead of going to the store, and how we’ve distributed
funding in the past. We figure out the current condition of our
roads, and we use a travel demand model to predict how we think people will travel in
the future and where they’ll go. Then, we figure out how much money will be
available to spend on transportation projects in the region over the next 25 years. Next, with input from the public and the MPO’s
board, we recommend how to spend the region’s funding on things like building new roads
and bridges, fixing older roads and bridges, or improving bikeways and transit service. Then we ask all the MPO’s member communities
to tell us what they want to build in the next 25 years. The MPO scores and ranks all of these transportation
projects and creates a list of recommended projects. Finally, the MPO uses criteria called Performance
Measures to evaluate whether the transportation projects that have been funded over time are
improving transportation conditions in Central Indiana. The MPO updates the plan every 4 years. If you want to stay in the know about the
next update, follow the MPO’s teMPO newsletter or social media. During every update of the Long Range Transportation
Plan, there are surveys, meetings, and document reviews that you can take part in. The Long Range Transportation Plan is just
one of the core documents that guides the MPO. Check out the MPO’s other video to learn more
about what we do and how you can be a part of it.