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– Hi there! Here’s to a new episode of Formel Schmidt right back from Canada. Sebastian Vettel got his WM leading position back. But Schmidti, wasn’t Mercedes the frontrunner in Canada? – That’s what they thought as well, and the outcome was also to their surprise. It’s obvious what went wrong. Ferrari’s car and engine had had upgrades and Mercedes didn’t. And at this head to head fight that was just too little. – The tires also played a part, Mercedes had less hypersoft tyres than the others. Were the tyres a game changer? – They played their part. There were many factors responisble for Mercedes’ results. The limit of five sets hypersoft allowed for no usage of such this Friday, as they were kept aside for Saturday. So there was just one practice, the third training, before the qualifying. Probably a lack of practice in addition. – Lewis Hamilton ranked five. What happened here? Isn’t the Canadian track his speciality? – Actually yes, but you know, when Lewis is sucked into a spiral of negativity it tends to get worse. He missed every braking point of the hair pin. And during the race he had trouble with the engine temperatures as there was a problem with a valve in the cooling system. This forced him to keep using the standard mode. To solve the issue and prevent any further damage he visited the box early. After that the issue was resolved according to the engineers, eventhough he felt a fluctuation in the performance. At the end he stayed behind Ricciardo. That was the major problem. Almost as boring as in Monte Carlo one could say. – Actually Montreal with its long straights and sharp turns is just perfect for overtaking. And as we’ve seen in the past, we had exciting races in Canada. What happened this year, is it the new
cars or where’s the problem? – The cars aren’t innocent, but you could say Montreal is similar to Bahrain, short turns, long straigh sections and a lot of overtaking. About 52 compared to eleven passing maneuvers. I believe the problem in Montreal were the tyres. Tyres too good as they kept up the performance. The second softest tyres. Hamilton entered round 16 and kept rolling till round 70. Therefore when they race at similar speeds then naturally those who were faster in practice will be faster during the race. So the two seconds to overtake just went missing. – Red Bull, Max Verstappen, greatly improved. No mistakes. He won in Monaco, now on a track which isn’t the preferred track of Red Bull. Have they joined the fight for the WM title or are they still catching up? – Definitely. This race was settled during practice. The margin was 93 thousands between Vettel and Bottas. Between Vettel and Verstappen 0.173 . Extremely close. Any who has got the pole position, will be the one to finish the race first. That’s where it was lost, due to the tiny gap. Especially during the qualification where Red Bull lost half a second, while now they are as close as two tenths, eventhough they are on a power track. This shows he’s closing the gap.
– The engine manufacturers did or wanted to introduce upgrades. Mercedes didn’t. Did you see any great changes? Did Honda or Renault take a big step forward? And what about Red Bull’s future? – Well Ferrari should have about 10 to 15 HP more. Renault approximately 20 HP. Red Bull received a bit less. Due to their fuel and the engine adaption hasn’t been done yet. That will take until Hungary. I think they mentioned 9 or 8 kW more. So roughly 12 HP. Honda gained 20 HP and Mercedes, of course, nothing. They raced with old engines. Both engines had more than 5000 km. Bottas’ even 5600 at the end. Which is quite a lot, enough for Le Mans. – How much power is the Mercedes upgrade going to add? – About 10 HP. That’s going to be in France and then we’ll be able to compare. Of course it was an advantage for the opponents. That was one of many reasons. They must have worried most about the fact that they used more fuel than the rest. Fuel is short for everyone. And with this small amount of fuel you’ve got, the others were faster. – Back to Red Bull and their future. It’s an extremely close call between Renault and Honda. The decision will be made during the Grand Prix of Austria. Renault would like to settle the issue earlier. How do you see the relationship between Renault and Honda. What will Red Bull choose to do? – The marriage between Red Bull and Renault .. is accompanied with regular mood swings. A month ago Renault blamed Red Bull for being unloyal and ungrateful. Two weeks later they wanted to keep the relationship by all means. As they know that it’s the team with which one could win and on the other hand it’s 20 million Euros of additional budget. Now there’s pressure, and honestly in these three days it won’t make any difference. Maybe even good for Renault that France is still coming. Because in Canada, as Red Bull uses the same fuel as the factory team, it just led to twelve HP. Honda had 20 HP. The situation is in favor of Honda. So Renault should hope for France. But it already feels as if Red Bull bid their goodbye to Renault already. – So it’s going to be Honda.
– That’s what I expect. – For how long?
– I’d say merely .. .. two years. As Porsche is knocking at the door. According to even neutral sources. And I believe Red Bull will keep its option open. – Let’s have a look at the middlefield. Sauber got some points. Cherles Leclerc is getting better and better. What’s your opinion about Sauber? And is Leclerc the future for Ferrari? – Sauber definitely doesn’t have the worst car. That award goes to Williams. On tracks with short turns and a lot of stop and go and straight sections Sauber positions themselves in the lower middle and make some points by themselves. They are better than last year by far. Leclerc did a good job on the last race, scored before McLaren. And the last four races he had an excellent starting lap. That’s the base for his points. And finished on the 10th place. Alonso would have probably finished before him. But just one driver missing is good for making points. – A candidate for Ferrari next year? Raikkonen didn’t perform well the last two races, finished after Hamilton. He couldn’t help Vettel for the WM title. – He’s becoming a candidate more and more. Same for Kimi. Without the mistake during practice he would have started second or even first row. That was fatal for the following race. Now, as you’ve said, he’s got to show that he can steal points from Hamilton, Verstappen or Ricciardo. Which he didn’t in Montreal. – Next race France. New track for everyone. You’ve been there already. What do you or do we expect from France? Traffic chaos? – Traffic chaos, yes. Earlier there was the long track, without shenanigans. In my opinion these shenanigans are a mistake. A 1.8 km long section is transformed to two 900 m section. And nobody will overtake as it’s too short, guaranteed. Actually regarding the characteristics, the track should benefit Mercedes and Red Bull. Fluent curves. Keep in mind, the thin tyres of Pirelli. That’s an important factor. Over heating is less of an hazard. Helps Mercedes. So this should be a Mercedes track. If they lose here they really have to worry. – Dear fans, as you can see it will be an interesting race. Can Mercedes turn the tables, will Hamilton beat Vettel? We’ll be on site reporting on the net and the magazine until we’re back for a new episode of Formel Schmidt. Until next time.
– Servus.