Monster Trucks For Children | Gecko’s Real Vehicles

Hello Everyone! I’m here at TRUCKFEST to meet a really big
machine! A monster truck! Woah! Look at the size of the wheels on that thing! One of my best friends is a Monster Truck,
and he’d really like to meet big red over here. Come along Max, come and say hello to Big
Red! Who do YOU think is bigger? Max or Big Red? Big Red is only built for taking passengers
on a ride on the back. Look how much fun that looks! But I’m here to meet a stunt Monster Truck. A Monster Truck that crushes, and jumps cars! THIS IS SWAMP THING, a HUGE monster truck
that weighs as much as two elephants! Swamp Thing is 14ft tall (ruler) – that’s
almost as tall as a Giraffe! Let’s take a look at Swamp Thing in action. 3, 2, 1 GO!!! Wow just look at those cars getting crushed! The Monster Truck is so heavy, that when it
lands on the cars, they are squashed as flat as a pancake! Swamp Thing is a really amazing monster machine. I wonder what it’s like to drive a monster
truck? This is Swamp Thing’s driver, Tony. He’s using his tools to perform a safety
check on Swamp Thing. He’s checking that all of the nuts and bolts
are tight so that a wheel doesn’t fall off in the middle of a show! Tony, what is it like to drive a monster truck? To drive a monster truck, to me it’s the best
job in the world. I saw one on TV when I was about 8 years old
and I never thought I’d be doing it for a living. The feel you get in there is so noisy and
bumpy but the adrenaline keeps you going. How do you get in swamp thing? Most people think you climb on the tyres,
but I’ll show you how you get in, it’s fairly simple. You just walk around the side of it. Doors don’t open. But what you’ve got here is a climbing frame
and literally you just climb up on the inside and then you’re straight in the seat. Ok, how do you drive a monster truck. Literally you have one pedal for go, and one
pedal for stop. That’s the starting and stopping. Now we’ve got to work out how to steer it. Front wheels is just the same as a car using
the steering wheel. We’ve got back steering so this turns on a
joystick left and right on the back. So who’s ready to crush some cars? Tony built this monster truck himself using
lots of different parts, from lorries and diggers. He knows it inside out. When Tony takes swamp thing around the country,
it can’t travel on the roads so the monster machine has to travel in Tony’s massive lorry. Swamp Thing has many of the things that a
normal car would have, only they are much much bigger! There’s the:
Wheels Engine
The Exhaust The suspension (which gives Tony a softer
landing) The brakes
The chassis And the cabin! All of these things are designed so that Swamp
Thing can jump…like This!! Well, it’s time to say goodbye to Tony and
Swamp Thing now. Thanks very much for joining us to learn about
this amazing machine. If you’d like to watch Max The Monster Truck’s
adventures, then join me, back at the garage by clicking here! See you again soon. Byeeeee!