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Hey people! What’s up with you? I’m Gabriel Costa, and you are watching Mídia Automotiva. SUBSCRIBE! Guys, i’m at the Garagem ST, making a visit to the people. Look who I meet here. What’s up? What’s up, guys? There’s Michell. We will show the Michell’s car, there on the other side. Can you see? The white Bora there. It’s the Michell’s car. Then I will show more details of it. One more here. What’s up? Good? Are you fine? Where’s the car? What? Where’s the car? Where is the car? I don’t have a car. Don’t you have? Not yet. But you will take one? Will you let it low? That’s right. In a bit, I will show more details for you. Ok? What’s up? You there. What’s up? Where’s the car? The car is on the other side! On the other side? What is it? The Corsa. The Corsa there. The Corsa. Corsa? Wow, we’ll show it,
we’ll show it. Let’s show! The ‘nervous’ Corsa. There. Do you see the Sedan Corsa behind the bora? That one? That right there. Behind the Bora. Let’s see if I can zoom.. I can’t. Then I will show more of it. Anyone else there? Somebody else? The people is far. There is a Corsa on the other side. In a bit, will arrive a ‘square’ Gol who just left. Felipe of 4k channel was nearby. Now I don’t know where he is. He is in the Corsa there .. Where is it? He is in the Corsa. He’s on the other side. Felipe of 4k channel. Come talk to him already .. What’s up, what’s up, what you are doing there? Looking for blown fuse. Blown fuse? Burned fuse. [Gabriel] See Felipe of 4k channel there .. What’s up, guys! Are you okay? [Gabriel] Look at his channel. Enjoy there, Mídia Automotiva! [Gabriel] That’s right! [Gabriel] Thanks, Felipe! ‘Thanks, bro’! [Gabriel] What?There is a blown fuse? A fuse burned here. [Gabriel] I’ll try to show. [Felipe] We already found one. [Gabriel] Good. [Philip]Already has a burned. [Felipe] We are looking for others that are burned. [Felipe] Not passing current to the device. [Felipe] We are looking. [Gabriel] Right. [Felipe] Huh. [Gabriel] But it’s not passing current to the device? [Felipe] It’s passing through anything here. It’s not passing to the odometer. It’s not working. The courtesy light isn’t turning on also. And the stereo isn’t working too. [Gabriel] ‘Wow.’ So it must has a lot of fuses burned there. [Felipe] It must has three or four burned fuses. [Gabriel] Right. [Felipe] Now just find. [Gabriel] I will show your shirt..
Corsa Club. [Felipe] He is a member of the Corsa Club. Look at the sticker on the windshield. [Gabriel] I’ll show a bit of that car. Thanks, Felipe! [Felipe] Thanks! [Gabriel] There, Look at this Corsa. Cool, right? Let’s show another cars here. Voyage. Show here the Corsa of the guy that was inside the shop. He is here. I will show more about his Corsa, has a cool sound. Do you see? Show Michell’s car. At least try to show it. Without getting hit here. There. Nice. It has another there. I don’t know whose is that car. But it’s of the Garage ST friends. It has the sticker on the glass there. Do you see? The Bora behind there. Deep down. their store. Do you see?. And a neighbor who work with stereo. [Sticker] Corsa Club
Team – Espírito Santo (A Brazilian State) [PLATE] ST GARAGE [STICKER] ST GARAGE [PLATE] ELDER SOUND [TROPHY] MEGA EVENT – car audio
1st PLACE – LOW CARS 18INCH – STATIC [STICKER] Volkswagen does, we improve it! [Sticker on the fender]
‘Bounce less than your sister.’ [HAHAHA] [Board] Director
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