Mixing Matthews Paint

And now we’re ready to mix paint. When working with a paint system like Matthews,
it’s imperative that you actually mix it correctly. To make this an easier process for any of
our fabricators, we’ll use Matthews mixing cups. The benefits of using a Matthews mixing cup
is that it’s already pre-measured out for the specific products that we offer
available to any fabricator. As you can see, they’re pre-measured on the
sides for specific products and you can use these measurements when mixing up the paint
because getting the proper ratios of the products correctly is imperative to making the paint
not only dry correctly but also cure correctly. This is a standard product offering from Matthews. It’s a particular color mixed up for this
demonstration. We’re actually going to open up the can and then we will put the proper amount of
paint into the mixing cup to a specific ratio because the important part of Matthews
is to make sure that we mix it 3:1:1 That’s three parts paint to one part catalyst
to one part reducer. Ronnie has predetermined at which mixing ratio
he wants to use of 3:1:1 so in order to measure exactly the proper ratio
between paint, catalyst and reducer. This would be a standard mixing ratio for
this specific product for this specific application, no matter whether it’s Nova photopolymers
you’re painting or any other substrate. As you can see, Ronnie has filled it up to the level 3
on that particular mixing line of 3:1:1 The next is the catalyst. What Ronnie’s going to do now is pour in
the catalyst at the proper mixing ratio. As I described earlier, Matthews is mix three parts
paint to one part catalyst to one part reducer. It’s the cross-linking of the catalyst
to the paint resin system that actually forces the paint
to not only dry but cure. Ronnie will now grab the reducer,
which is going to thin down the viscosity and actually help control the
paint’s ability to flow over the substrate when we go into the
paint booth and spray. Again, this part of the mixing ratio is 3:1:1 so this is the last part of one to get three parts
paint, one part catalyst, one part reducer. Now that we have our paint
mixing ratio at 3:1:1, Ronnie can just get a stir stick and now stir
up the paint for about 30 seconds to 60 seconds to make sure that all of the
products are mixed correctly.