MISD Transportation Services – Visible but Unseen

At Mesquite ISD Transportation Services
we are committed to providing safe and reliable transportation to all eligible
students throughout the Mesquite area. Our goal is to maintain a high level of
excellence while managing challenges that come with running a Department of
more than 200 employees and a fleet of over 175 buses. Each bus has a specific
purpose. We currently have 54 regular routes run for every day, 8 bilingual and ESL routes, 60 special education routes, 19 special program buses, and we also
provide transportation to approximately 50 homeless students. On top of all that
we take students to 4,500 extracurricular and field trip
activities. It is not just the drivers mechanics and monitors who make the
department run safely and efficiently. It is also the work done behind the scenes
of the following staff members, Manager and Special Education Coordinator –
Margaret McCollum, Fleet Manager – Keith McColloum, Shop Supervisor – Roy Akins, White Fleet Supervisor – Roy Pena, Route Coordinator – Ruby Lay, Route and
Bilingual Coordinator – Maricela Lopez, and Field Trip Coordinator – Nicole
Harrison. In addition to the general maintenance of the big yellow buses we
are also responsible for the 265 vehicles which the district calls the
“white fleet.” Our white fleet shop and mechanics service all the “white
vehicles” in addition to lawnmowers, weed eaters, striping machines and pretty much
anything else with an engine or motor. Recently we added a new garage area
which enables us to more effectively repair small engines and other equipment.
You may never see these guys in the district but you have definitely
benefited from the services they help ensure take place. On any given day, we in
Transportation Services bus more than eight thousand students around the Mesquite
and other cities in the Metroplex and the state. On every Friday night
almost always all five high schools are going somewhere, either a home game or away
game. And that’s a huge amount of buses you’re talking transporting over a
thousand students from different locations. The Transportation is doing a great
job of the showing up getting our kids safely to those athletic events at the
correct stadium. Then on Saturdays too there’s also marching contests in
October. In addition we do many other things as well. We take all of our 5th
grade students to the Meyerson downtown Dallas for children’s opera that they
take care of us and that which is a lot of shuttling back and forth. We do a
symphony concert in Mesquite High. We’re bringing all the fourth grade students from
always going to different locations as well, so transportation always
provides great transportation to get our kids to the places they need to be. Hi, my
name is Viola Castillo and I have a little girl her name is Sasha Maldonado.
She attends Mesquite ISD School District. She started school when she was
in elementary and she is now in high school. She’s been taking the bus ever
since. She has been dealing with this disability since she was a little baby.
She has short classes from 8 o’clock to 1 o’clock and mesquite ISD has been so
great in adapting to Sasha’s hours and picking her up on time and bringing her
home. One incident last month, it looked like Sasha was having a seizure and the
ladies immediately called the nurse on the bus. They had called me up and they
let me know what Sasha was going through. It was a smooth transition. I walked them
through it and that to us was just a gold. I would like to thank Mesquite ISD
school district for ensuring Sasha’s safety on this bus and especially with
the disabilities. The way we look at transportation really anything is
the fact that we could not do what we do without something as simple as
transportation. People might not even think about that or think or that’s the
second thought, but you know they just don’t think about. They just assume
people are gonna get there, and they assume kids are gonna have the things
they need, and it’s been really nice for us to be able to rely on situations like
that where it’s not ideal that we would have to call last minute, but it seems
like everybody’s always willing to help and at least if it is possible. There’s
always a bus out there waiting on us, and I know how hard that is to track down
drivers and to manage it around everything else that’s going on that was
already on the schedule, so that’s something we are appreciative of. I don’t
think we take that part for granted. We know how hard that that is. It’s always
nice to have people within your organization that are really willing to do
whatever it takes to give the kids the best chance to be successful.
Transportation is one of the most visible aspects in our district, but most
of what we do goes unseen but everything that we do is for the benefit of our