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Interview with Dealer Pay. Take one! Hi, my name is Julie Douglas with Dealer Pay. Hi My name is Rebecca Perhacs, I’m also with Dealer Pay. I call you my director/ chaos coordinator. What is it that you do exactly? I am the customer facing installation queen! I will implement all the terminals, I will train all of the staff and make sure that everybody has all the tools they need to use our software correctly. It will go MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, ACH. AWESOME! Call us for all of your support needs! You install in a finance department and they see how the solution works versus what they had before What are some of the benefits that they’re telling you? They offer Apple Pay the receiving system is very easy You can send payment notifications through text messages an email the whole the whole system is very very user friendly and it always works. That’s the main thing. You can’t run payments when the system doesn’t work! So the system always works and I’ve never had any complaints with it. I’ve use it at several stores and it was nice to come over to Trenary and see they’re using the system as well. Great! I love hearing that! Be on the lookout. We’ve got some really nice revenue enhancing products specifically for dealers. It’s our job, Becca too, to make sure that we take care of you and your customers. Customer retention is huge and we’re building that into our payment solutions specifically for car dealers. I can’t wait to meet you and your team!