Mercedes-Benz Cars at IAA 2019 | Highlights

The IAA – the Frankfurt Auto Show – is very important to Daimler. It is the biggest, inarguably the most important auto show in the world and of course it is a home game for us. So here we have the platform to show automotive innovation: What does mobility of the future look like? That’s what we will be presenting here in Frankfurt. For us, as Mercedes-Benz, it is absolutely clear that we want to offer a fully electrified product portfolio for our customers until 2022. And an excellent example you see here: the A-Class plug-in hybrid, the first in the compact class offering up to 70 km range. So our customers can drive everyday routes fully electric. We have our van, the V-Class, which is successful worldwide. For the first time, fully electric with a range of up to about 400 km which is unique. We are the the first ones to bring this innovation into this segment. The GLE together with its predecessor, the M-Class, sold up to now more than two million cars, so it’s the strongest SUV within our portfolio. And as we never rest on our laurels, this time we introduced the GLE diesel plug-In hybrid with a range of up to a 100 km fully electric drive and we believe that’s a very strong promise to our customers. Because of Mercedes-Benz Cars in RnD basically is a road to sustainability and the key element of this road to sustainability is the electric drive. The key element of this road is digitalization; digitalization of processes and the product. The VISION EQS is a very emotional highlight and it displays our idea of the electric future. It is a vision of what a luxury saloon, fully emission free, fully electric, could look like in the future and a beautiful design loaded with high-tech. Feels almost a little bit like a spaceship, but is not too far away from series production.