Mercedes AMG Project One VS. Aston Martin Valkyrie – which is the fastest hypercar ever?

Get out your wallets, G-suits and barf bags,
because today on the car truth report we are going to be comparing the two most bat-guano
insane cars ever to be created by large auto manufacturers, the Aston Martin Valkyrie,
and the Mercedes project 1. Let’s start off with the price, well, let’s
just say if your yacht doesn’t have a helicopter on it, you can’t afford either one. Now let’s get into specs that we know, to
see if we can determine how these cars may perform.  Both of these cars are reportedly going
to be very light weight, with the Aston Martin at 2271 lbs and the Project 1 coming at 2866
lbs. Both of these Formula 1 inspired drivetrains
are going to make over 1000hp, but they create and transmit that power in very different
ways.  The Valkyrie is going to utilize a 6.5L
V12 designed by Cosworth.  The Valkyrie will be a rear wheel drive
layout, with 1 electric motor that will be used for regenerative braking and low rpm
torque fill on the main drive line.  The total power output of the for the Aston
Martin Valkyrie is reported to be 1130 hp, which would give this bird an insane power
to weight ratio of 995 horsepower per ton!   The Mercedes AMG Project 1 has a 1.6L V6 lifted
almost directly out of their Mercedes-AMG F1 W07, which is said to make 748 horsepower.  Keep in mind, like their F1 counterparts,
this 1.6L engine, and attached car, will need to be periodically sent back to the factory
for refurbishment.  Just like the Valkyrie, the Project 1 is
also a hybrid, though it has 4 electric motors instead of the Valkyrie’s 1.  Two 120 kilowatt direct drive motors, capable
of revving to 50,000 RPMS will power the front wheels, with another adding torque to the
crankshaft when needed.  The Fourth electric motor on the project
1 will be 90kw and will be fitted to the turbocharger, much like in modern F1 cars.  Placing a motor on the turbo has many benefits.  The main benefit is that you can recycle
a lot of wasted turbo energy.  Placing a motor on the turbo also allows
you to spool up earlier in the rev range, and without the associated lag of waiting
for a circular system to build boost.  So with the 1.6L V6, and 4 extra electric
motors, the Project 1 is going to make 1020 hp, giving it a horsepower per ton rating
of 711. The 711 horsepower per ton rating of the AMG
would seemingly put it way behind be the Valkyrie’s 995, but if the Nissan GTRs, and Teslas of
the world have taught us anything, it is that you can get away with some extra weight when
you have all wheel drive.  Also just for scale, we made a quick chart
showing the Project one and Valkyrie’s power to weight to ratios compared to some other
cars that we already have real world data for.   The true scale of the performance of this
latest crop of new hypercars can start to be seen when we look at them this way. The Valkyrie’s power to weight is a staggering
9 times higher than the very capable Civic Type-R.  A Ferrari 488 and Nismo GTR both
have the ability to scare the pee-pee out of 99.9% of the population, and they look
like nothing compared to the Valkyrie and Project 1.  Even the current generation of  quote “hypercars”,
the P1 and 918 are way below the performance level of these two new insane creations.  
Are we going to have to come up for a new word for these kind of cars, something beyond
even hypercar? I propose either -BEEP- or a more internationally
recognized  AAAAAAAHHHHHH! Having crazy amounts of power in lightweight
packages is not where the insanity on these cares ends.  Both of these cars are going to make copious
amounts of that secret sauce for super circuit speed, aerodynamic downforce.  The Mercedes has a ton of aerodynamic tricks,
some of which we know about at this time.  On the front end, the louvres over the wheels
can open and close.  One would also assume that there are a lot
of opening and closing aerodynamic bits behind that somewhat McLaren F1 looking grill and
hood.  The project 1 will also have a multi part
adjustable rear wing, and large real, rear diffuser.  No fake aero ducts on these cars.   The Valkyrie is no slouch in the aerodynamic
department either.  As a matter a fact, if we had to guess,
because there is no hard comparable aerodynamic data as of yet, we would bet that the Aston
Martin Valkyrie is going to make the most downforce of anything, ever, including the
upcoming Mercedes Project 1.  While we don’t have any comparable data,
we do have this little nugget, the Aston Martin Valkyrie is reported to make 4000 lbs of downforce,
WITHOUT its rear wing.  This is likely assisted by its Grand Canyon
sized diffuser, as well as more ducting than a HVAC convention.  While a complete set of performance data
is not yet available for the Valkyrie, the big bowties at Aston Martin have said that
it is going to be capable of 2.5 G forces in the corner. Another performance stat that we do have is
from the Germans, they say the AMG will be able to go from 0 to 120 miles per hour in
less than 6 seconds.  For reference, the Nismo GTR takes 9.4 seconds,
and the 918 does it in 6.7. So, which car will be “faster”? Well the word faster can be defined many ways.  The Mercedes will almost surely be faster
off the line, think on the street, with its all wheel drive and added electric torque
fill.  The Valkyrie will likely be faster on most
of your F1 style tracks, ie circuits that contain a lot of high speed corners, as it’s
higher downforce will keep its minimum speeds higher.  So which will be faster around the Nurburgring?  Honestly, I am not able to call it at this
time. Before I saw the crazy lap times that seemingly
overweight AWD cars like the Nismo GTR, and Lamborghini Huracan were able to get, I would
have said the Valkyrie all day, but now I don’t know.  There is a good argument for either one.  Which car do YOU think would be faster around
the Nurburgring, the Project one, or the Valkyrie, let us know in the comments!  Don’t forget to subscribe, it’s free. If anything it costs you negative, because
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