Meet The Extreme: DSM in Automotive

Every gram of CO2,
or even every fraction of a gram of CO2… is highly, highly relevant to the automakers. The next thing in 10, 15 years
is going to be electric. Whether it’s battery-powered electrical
vehicles or hydrogen electrical vehicles… that’s not clear yet,
but that will certainly come… and that’s a gamechanger
to the industry as well. We have some technologies,
some materials, innovations… which are probably way ahead… of what engineers think
they need right now, today. The difference that we make to the industry
is of course the portfolio that we have… but it’s really the people, the people
that design our new technologies…… the in-depth research that we do here
in the Materials Science Center. That really, in combination
with the application know-how… and understanding the needs
of the market globally… is one of the key strengths
of DSM Engineering Plastics.