Meet Sasken CEO Rajiv Mody at MWC 2017

We see a new bold world unfolding in front of us and new services getting launched which were unheard and not thought of. The key drivers that are making that difference are the advances that we see, primarily in the world of silicon, embedded systems, cloud computing, cognitive technologies all coming together launching newer solution and services which are making an impact in different verticals we see unfolding in front of us. Sasken is a chip to cognition company focused on Product Engineering services and working at the forefront of these technologies that are making an impact in the world of Automotive Home and Home Automation, IoT, Industrial, Consumer Devices, and Retail We are very proud of our heritage we are continuing to build our future because we see a bright thing out there which is really going to make a difference in the new world we are embarking on. Connect with us at MWC 2017 and experience the future.