Meet CloudMade, UVeye and VUF at Valeo Automotive Lab @VivaTech 2019!

CloudMade is a software company, working for the automotive industry
for more than ten years right now, we are building machine learning platform, to help the driver to make his journey simpler. through our productive models. UVeye basically wants to set a new standard,
when it comes to the future of automatic vehicle inspection, we address different issues throughout the life cycle of vehicles like when an issue happened, why an issue happened
and how an issue happened. And we come to the process which is currently manual
and also very time consuming. Like I said before, we want to do this throughout the whole process
of the life cycle of the vehicle. VUF is a three-wheeled cargo bike with power assistance made to transport heavy loads
and big volumes. The high level of modularity help it
to be suitable with any business.