medic pack

don’t don’t don’t either think that I made a construct man now I made something different so I’ll show you that today I published it a couple days ago until a long time ago but I made bench so let’s go and load up this mirror okay back to you in a few see ya after the loading title okay let’s get into the game now and also another thing that I hate is physics have a quick a Lucas to work for sandbox games supposed to work for like games like half-life shooter games like Team Fortress –is and other things like that but I’m going to show you how to use the bed the bed sleemo okay so here we go I’m using advanced implicator is the normal duplicators if you want okay [Music] there we go let’s see how to run the first one okay so here we go first one is very simple all there is is just a lift see does normal stuff go up go down then this is the control panel then those are the speakers they can connect to TVs if you want here’s the pisarra this thing can do special stuff go up into the sky or whatever supposed to help you get stronger with your legs so you can push up on the footboard push up push up then you can also put down ropes to hold the person here so they don’t fall right off normal stuff there’s the thing the control panel so and all of these are movable so let’s go ahead and unfreeze it little laggy sorry [Music] there goes Ingo sky or whatever all these machines these machines are supposed to have blowers now here’s the blowers that you can hook up to it Birbal two blowers so you know that’s all there is for this one also the same stuff like that one this one has different saref my microphone is broken sorry music anyways the nine button turns on the active light then remember I said belt blowers there it is then the system would try to tip over so I put down the cinder block so this thing is not controlled by hydraulics say no so let’s go and use it make sure you lock those not well you’ll see hot off turn into a flat put it up now there you go let’s wrap it so you do not block that okay I’m gonna try to fix it okay can you guys you know okay sorry um hopefully it will work now but there’s also lights so if it’s a dark you can do this it’s kind of bright but you modify them if you want I don’t care so now let’s check out some other stuff except beds [Music] [Music] [Music] okay now that I got everything now I’ll show you what this stuff is this is the assistant thing the brown thing is the monitor the top one is just like a portable computer you can bring it with you like there’s a bed you have to transfer somewhere unfreeze it unfreeze the bed move it with you or you can even hook it up to the bed whatever there are trolls okay so yeah this is the Ivy machine this is from Team fortresses this strength bottle so you don’t have team fortresses you’ll just lose it then this top machine here this pop machine is from half-life this is another heart rate monitor or whatever this is the unit this is the monitor you can hook it up to the patient if you want this is only for the room this is a portable one this one is for walls you know what’s next machine if no one has no heart or if they broke it are have poisoning this will do the heart for you see so you turn it on its on this is the monitor this is the system this is the on and off switch [Music] there we go these are the place reconnect them this is the blood pressure thing so let’s go ahead and clear it off again and load up our next one [Music] one slice that’s all there is I’ll see you later but thank you for using my products I was about to shut down my business I guess not thank you guys see ya