Mechanical and Automotive Engineering – Ryan Day

It all started out when I was a kid, to be
honest, right up until early teens I was playing with Lego and Kinex, building something different
all the time. Taking it apart, putting it back together. When I was applying for university, I did
apply for five. As soon as I came to Huddersfield open day I knew I was coming here straight
away. The main thing that attracted me is the lecturers, talking to you directly and
just wanting to get to know you more than just being your lecturer, actually wanting
to know who you were. The course is highly technical, micro projects
and engine swap from one engine to a new vehicle and working on the engine at all times, both
theory and the technical side of it which is fantastic. Always getting my hands dirty
which I love. Probably one of the best years of my life,
to be honest, was going on placement. Huddersfield push you to do placements which is the best
thing you can do as an engineer. If you talk to absolutely anyone on my course, everyone’s
been to somewhere they’ve really enjoyed or to a huge company and it’s all because
of the placement unit, because they get you through it from start to finish. So I’m in a bit of a crossroads at the minute,
I think I might be doing my PHD at Huddersfield hopefully and doing my own project, which
would be fantastic. If I change my mind, it would be going into collaboration engineering.
Hopefully for the company I was on placement at, or definitely within automotive.