Mechanical and Automotive Engineering at the University of Huddersfield – Paul Allen

I’m a local lad, I come from nearby. I came
and saw the facilities and there wasn’t much choice to make really, it was the place I
needed to be. The best thing about my course is the variety of engineering knowledge that
it gives you right from the basics of how a car works in the first year, right though
to detail finite element analysis and design in the final year. The campus is really good, a lot of architecture
and history with the Canal Side East and West buildings, formally old mills, and then you’ve
got the new buildings like Student Central and it’s brilliant to relax and work, you
can get a nice balance going there. The facilities here are extensive, there’s
plenty of testing facilities, a big workshop facility, the design studio which is where
I do most of my work is very well kitted out with various mechanical components. It’s very
well laid out. The tutors are fantastic, all very knowledgeable, experts in their respective
fields. They all have a lot of industry experience which is useful for applying in lectures and
relating things to real world situations. The placement unit is second to none. They’ve
got a lot of big company contacts, all the big names, but they’ve also got some of the
smaller, local businesses. As engineers, it’s best to have some real life experiences before
you leave and you get out into getting your first job. It really helps you to stand shoulders
above other applicants. As a town, Huddersfield’s got everything any
other university city would have around the UK, nightlife, plenty of shops, restaurants,
whatever you want to do. There’s so many opportunities here, the Entrepreneur
Centre which is always looking to help people who may have an idea to start a business.
There’s brilliant post-grad connections for employment. There’s so much potential and
knowledge held within Huddersfield University, it’s definitely an inspiring place to be.