Maximizing Public Transportation with Some Fairlife Milk | Tutorial | Cities: Skylines

Hello, my name is Tim and I’m the person behind the YouTube channel Some Fairlife Milk where I’ve created many different styles cities on the Xbox version of Cities: Skylines. I’m back to collaborate with Paradox Interactive to bring you another console and vanilla gameplay tutorial. This week we’re going to dive into how to make public transportation your citizens main form of transport. Transportation in Cities: Skylines plays a big role in your city’s success. Because as your city grows, more vehicles are going to be on the road. Without public transportation, things can slowly become a mess. So we’re here today to check out some things that will get your city moving with less traffic and more people riding your services. For this tutorial we’re going to focus on three types of transportation: The buses, metro, and trains. The first thing I want to set up are some bus lines and to do that we’re going to start by placing a couple things. A bus depot, which all your buses will spawn from and a bus station which is going to let us have 12 lines all start and end right here, which we’re going to utilize this and turn the area into our main transportation hub. Buses are the cheapest form of transportation, which makes it great for starting our transportation empire. Citizens have a range of where they’re willing to walk to any form of transportation and if it’s too far they’ll just take their own car and travel to their desired location that way. So to make sure we’re always in range of their walking distance, we’re going to evenly space out our stops within four to five blocks of each other. Not only does it cover everyone in the general area, it is going to stop us from over-populating a line with too many stops, which will only slow down the arrival times of our citizens. Trains are an important form of transport thanks to the fact that they help bring tourists into your city. The only thing is, these things are going to take up a lot of space, especially down the road when you’re wanting to utilize trains as a form of getting outside connection routes, as well as utilizing it as a form of transportation inside of your own city. So you want to make sure you have plenty of space and if you plan out where you were wanting tracks and future stations, It’ll help you navigate around redeveloping your city when you have a much bigger population. Speaking of bigger population… Let’s say you’re not too fond of destroying half of your downtown area to accommodate a train station, metros are the perfect replacement for just such a thing. Yes, They’re expensive, But they take up the space that a small park would and you can have multiple stations in an area without destroying everything just to get a service into the busier parts of your city. Now as for the placement of your metro stations, you’re wanting to place them where buses are stopping. That way if a metro station is still a bit too far from where they’re trying to go, the buses will be more than happy to bring them right to where they’re going or much closer. With transportation lines set up, we can check how they’re doing by holding Y and going to info views. Then head to the transport tab Once there, you’ll see a wide range of statistics which as you can see, we’re over 1,200 people riding our transportation already. Now if this menu isn’t enough statistics for you, you can hit Y to see specific lines, the stops, vehicles, and passengers riding the specific line. And, if that still does not satisfy your crave for statistics, You can select the line which will give you even more detail about how many car trips the line has saved as well as where the vehicles are along their route. And also in this menu if you want to have more organization with the colors of your lines, you have the ability to change your line colors here as well. We also have a couple options of policies and public transportation, high ticket, prices, and free public transport. The only one we’ll focus on right now is free transport as we’re trying to get as many people out of their cars and into our transportation. With free transport activated, you’ll see an increase in riders, but no income, so I’d recommend activating this policy when your city is doing great financially. And, just like that. You have a successful form of transportation in your city. Just remember to keep in mind that the more citizens that are enticed to use multiple forms of transportation in one trip to their home or to work or to commercial districts, the less traffic is causing issues in your city and the more money your city is receiving. Hopefully this tutorial helps you and again be sure to subscribe to the channel for even more vanilla and console content coming your way.