Marble wholesale price and transportation all India ! 16 फ़ीट में आप कौनसा मार्बल खरीद सकते है।

hello guys welcome to my channel “Marble guruji Jitendra Sharma” in this video, I show you some marble’s in your budget let’s meet to the wholesaler Thakur Ji it is marble is known as “talai’s marble” it is 1300 sq feet marble load without any filling and crack the range of this marbles is 25 to 27 rupees per feet this marble’s length is 8 feet this marble’s price is between 16 to 20 rupees this is also a fresh material its thickness is 15.5 mm as you can see these spots in the marble it is green spots, not black color spots it has a very good quality all marble piece has a good quality price of this marbles is around 20 rupees per feet cross figure pattern marble its price is 21 rupees per feet this is 1300 sq. feet green batch marble load approximate price of this marble is 22 rupees per feet its price is 20 rupees per feet 18 rupees per feet marble price This crack parts measurement will be less than the total measurement and we do not charge any money for this crack piece. cross figure pattern marble its price is 23 rupees per feet all this marbles price range is 18 to 22 rupees per feet this is not powder its quality is good its price is also 20 rupees per feet You will also get marble at Rs 13 per sq ft, but there will be slight cracks in the marble in this range. 17 to 20 rupees marble piece have a good quality without any crack 16 rupees range marble have little cracks in the marble like this type of little crack GSM Marble “the name of the warehouse” approximate price of this marbles is 25 rupees I not telling you any lie in this video about the price and crack I do not take any money for cracked marble. I will reduce the measurement of the crack piece to the total measurement its price is 15 rupees per sq.feet cross figure pattern marble no crack in this marble this 15 rupees marble load without any crack in the marble we can’t supply in low quantity marble (like 2000 sq feet ) in different cities and state If you buy a minimum quantity of 5000 sq ft of marble, we will supply at your place. this is the wholesale mandi of marble so here for low quantity marbles price will increase this marble’s size is 98 X 41 its price is around 26 rupees per feet If possible, we will reduce the cost of the marble according to your demand and the total purchase quantity of the marble now let see the more low range marble range of this marble is 23 to 24 rupees 16 rupees for this marble its price is 20 to 21 rupees 17 to 18 rupees price range of this marble 16 to 17 rupees range marble price of this marble is between 20 to 22 rupees we have two marble companies “GS Marble and export” and another one is “Thakur marble and granite” transportation charge is approximate is 800 to 900 rupees per ton for surat, Rajkot (Gujrat) estimate transportation charge is 4 rupees per sq.feet