Making Air Compressor from car engine *Subtitles*

What will I do today? As you probably remember from the last episode, my compressor was too weak to get my gritter to work. I will try to fix it in this episode, but first let me show you my old compressor. As you can see,this compressor isn’t original either. I made it myself about 2 years ago and it was doing great job so far, but since I built that gritter, the pressure is simply not high enough for me. I want my new compressor to have unbelievably high efficiency of 2,5litres per minute. I will achieve it by using car engine, in which i removed the head and replaced it with a special, custom one. I placed special valves in the head…but let’s quit talking, you better see how I assemble it together yourself. Okay, so the engine is ready but we still have to put it in the frame somehow. For that, I’ve built a very strong frame. It’s gonna be so much better now. Alright, we have the engine and the frame ready, now let’s assemble. I hope that chain is strong enough to hold it. One part done, one more left to go. To make sure that v-belt won’t slip, I have to use this wide pad. One last step in assembling the engine. Alright, now we have to assemble Electric engine that Will make the whole unit work. Engine presentation. To replace electonic engine with combustion engine, i will use these wheels. wedge block Thanks to assembling beans i made before, i can easily move the whole engine back. It will result in v-belt’s tension. Thanks to these two bad boys, the air will be sucked in the compressor, and already compressed air will come out from this end. It all seems very easy, but compressed air produces heat, so I will have to assemble cooler on top. The air will go through here so that it loses its heat and will end up in another tank The air will go through here so that it loses its heat and will end up in another tank We are gonna use few pipes. Now I’m about to do something really stupid, because my drill doesn’t have a matching grip. I wonder if it’s gonna be tight or not. Cooler is ready. Now I only need to weld in the valve, thanks to which I will be able to let the water out. I messed up. Take two. That cooler is a little bit ugly. Now I only have to assemble the whole thing. I have to mount it so that in case of malfunction, I can remove it easily. I don’t know what this part is called. Let’s do it! It’s not good to carry the material in hand while cutting, otherwise it can end up like that. Seems like I have to lose hand to learn my lesson. Okay,back to the workshop. I will now mount air tanks and please don’t laugh at their size,I’m still poor YouTuber. But I will assemble bigger ones in the future. will put check valve by the tank here. Air cooler is ready so now it’s time for water cooler. I already prepared water hoses and made water installation. Of course we can’t forget about safety valve as its super important. As well as air filters. Compressor is almost ready, now we have to plug in the engine. But to do that, I asked electrician to help me, I don’t know everything and I don’t wanna burn down my house. Installation is now ready, if u wanna see its details,.check the de scription box. Quick spraypainting and we can try it out. I don’t have controls yet so I will use fuses. Let’s start in 3,2,1 … Well it’s not tight so let me do a quick fix. We will put it into real test with gritter, but that’s gonna happen in the next episode. thanks for watching and see you in the next episode!