Make White Paint Glow And Shine – White Car Kit – Chemical Guys

Welcome back, today in the shop we have this
Acura NSX. As many of you know this is an iconic car
that’s been in video games like Need For Speed, its been in movies like Pulp Fiction. And as many of you who grew up in the 1990s,
this was a car that you wanted and dreamed of. And now that we actually have one in the shop,
I’m super excited to work on it. It is this beautiful white, but if you get
closer to it, it’s not quite as right as it could be. There is some scratches on it. The paint is kind of dulling out. So today we’re going to show you how to bring it back to life using some White Light and White Wax. Now some people think white is one of
the easiest colors to maintain, but it’s actually just as difficult to maintain as black,
red, blue or any other color. Because it does hide dirt very well, but even
if you wash it, it’s still going to have the same contamination all over it. So to help prevent the dirt from sticking
to it, we’re going to apply a glaze to it. White Light is going to help fill in the micro-scratches and swirls in the pores of the paint. And really make the paint pop while giving
it a slick finish. Now the White Maintenance Kit comes with these
applicator pads. All you have to do is apply a few drops to
the applicator. Spread it out over the surface. Let it sit, and then wipe it off. So I’m going to get started by doing that. First, shake up the White Light. Apply it to your pad and since I’m only working on a small area I don’t need a whole lot of product. Then I’ll spread it out. Go back and forth in even strokes to give
it even coverage. It bonds to the surface and we will let this
sit and then I’ll come back and buff it off. Now you may be wondering why I’m doing this
by hand. White Light can be applied by machine, but
I wanted to give it the slow treatment. This car goes super fast, so I want to take
some time and go in depth with it to get a nice bond on the paint. Now that I’ve finished coating the entire
vehicle with White Light, I’m going to let this sit for about fifteen minutes and we’ll
come back and buff it off. Oh hey, I guess it’s been about fifteen minutes,
so we’ll start buffing this thing off. I’ve got these soft microfiber towels. Theses are also edgless, which makes it super
easy to take off without adding any additional scratches or swirls. Also, they are super plush, so they won’t leave
any streaks behind and it’ll give a nice pillow top between the car and my hand. So all you have to do is go back and forth. Picking up all the White Light. It comes off super easy, leaving behind a
nice high shine. So already the surface is really slick and
smooth. The White Light is doing a great job of filling
in those micro scratches and giving an overall wet look. So now that we’ve applied White Light, it’s time to throw on the extra shine and
give a real wet look. We’re going to apply White Wax. White Wax was designed specifically for white
or light color cars. It’s a really easy to use wax. It’s a traditional paste but it is also creamy. All you have to do is apply a little bit to
your applicator. We’re going to spread this out over the entire vehicle. In the same way I did the White Light, I’m
going to blotch it out. Then come back over it and spread it out in
a nice even coat. So after letting the wax sit for about fifteen
minutes, which is what you do with most waxes, it’s time to buff it off. I’ll be using a soft edgeless microfiber towel. What’s great about this towel is since it
has no edge, there is no risk of scratching the paint. Also, it’s really plush, if you fold it up,
now you have this nice pillow top and you won’t add too much pressure as you’re wiping
off the excess wax. Go back and forth, and it comes off super easy. The thin coat makes it easy to take off. Already the paint has an amazing shine. This car looks great. Well guys, the NSX is all done. That white has really been brought back to life! And it has a super slick finish. That White Light filled in the micro-scratches
and also really brought out the white paint. By topping it off with White Wax, it really
pushed it over the limit. So if you want to learn more about these products
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a lot of fun with this video, but detailing is supposed to be fun. You’re supposed to get out there and have
a little fun with your car, but if you’re not having fun, then you’re not doing it right. So we’ll see you next time.Thanks for watching!