Make the FERRARI 458 SOUND INCREDIBLE for FREE with this simple DIY TIP

good more YouTube I’m here in California
that might be where Fred’s garage yes this is Fred
this is his Ferrari for 580 and today we’re gonna make it sound glorious for
exactly zero dollars if you knew the channel my name is Dan and normally
we’re talking about my Ferrari but this case we’re talking about Fred’s Ferrari
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for watching there’s a trick you can do to make these cars sound much better
than Factory and it costs literally nothing so we’re gonna do that today and
as you might expect that means we’re gonna pull the exhaust valves vacuum
line yes it’s super easy so one downside about modern cars is that they have to
meet certain noise requirements so unfortunately that means they’re put in
a lot of valve exhausts on these cars and when the valves are closed they tend
to be very quiet cars and if you really don’t care about your neighbors
well-being and if you want to be a complete badass we’ve got a badass over
here you can pull the vacuum line on most these cars they’ll keep the valves
open and in the car sound a lot better certainly a valve controller gives you
the option to turn them on off all the time and it’s actually a nice solution
when you have really loud cars but the stock exhaust in this car is not that
loud even with the valves open fry favi does not complain when you pull the
vacuum light some of these cars you pull the back you line in the car will throw
a check engine light four five eight does not care so we’re gonna pull that
line plug the line and the valve should stay open so in order to do that we need
to get under the car underneath the diffuser and the vacuum line is right
there on the back of the car so as is my policy that’s not my car therefore fred
is gonna do the wrenching today and I’m just gonna be the supervisors also I’m
wearing reasonably nice clothes so I’m like no you can get dirty I’m not so
we’re gonna have to basically pull the under tray off got a bunch of 10 mils
and then a couple I think four millimeter hex
bolts it’s not too terribly difficult and then we might have to jack the car
up just to get a little bit better access so this is Fred’s 2015 4 or 5 8
spider so yes this thing is the hardtop convertible I was driving it to a day
and it’s very fun and he’s got the cool Daytona seats just like my old car you
have excellent taste sir yes these are the Daytona seats in the four five eight
with the red striping just like my old seats got the red Cavill you know this
thing is just gorgeous oh I love the four five eight actually only got like
six thousand something like six thousand eight hundred miles not even this is
what you want when you get a cart oh yes and sense of humor and you know what I
wish I had you at the time that I was uh looking to purchase the car it really
makes me feel good that you think it’s a tight vehicle oh yeah this thing’s in
good shape yeah it’s an excellent excellent car alright get wrenching sir
I’m gonna do it so we got the jack at the jack point we’re gonna lift it up
just a little bit just so we have more access to the diffuser all these modern
Ferraris have very specific jack points and they’re a little bit tricky to get
to you because you’ve got these under trays that are taking up all the space
how’s that look Dan I think it’s great yeah you good alright five right five 10
mils it’s looking like it’s five yeah yeah okay so there’s two on each side
one Center and then there’s four of these I think they’re four millimeter or
three millimeter allen bolts yeah they’re pretty small yeah alright so we
got a piece of cardboard in there we don’t scratch it cuz his this car is in
really really good shape compared to mine so we’re gonna try our best to make
sure we keep everything nice and clean and undamaged it turns out there’s six
of each not five I was wrong the sides first yeah a lot of dirt yeah you’re
gonna get some pebbles and stuff falling out and once you get to these middle
ones the diffusers gonna start falling so you kind of got to hold it okay you
either got to put your hand on it or put something under it so you can see you’ve
got different sized two Allen bolts so the really long ones on the outside the
shorter ones are in the middle and there’s two shorter ones in the
center it’s not run the center ones you do kind of wanna prevent it from flexing
too much while it’s getting loose just cuz you can start to crack the defuser
and stuff that takes a little get the two-handed skills right here it’s really
cool because it’s this the first time I’m wrenching on a Ferrari nice and this
is just this was like my childhood dreams scary no not at all the car yeah
yeah you’ve wrenched on cars I have yeah I’m a big Volkswagen fanatic so shout
out to Scott it makes you look so much less attractive and with your perfectly
symmetrical face yeah yeah there we go there it is Wow fluid could be just
condensation I think that’s just kind of safe yeah let’s test it
yeah I probably is you just heard the car up yawn ago oh yeah I can see I’m
the exhaust these guys have got to go huh do you think oh yeah I encourage
this okay so here’s the underside of the four five eight and what you can see is
the vacuum lines are right there so we’ve got a valve on each side of the
exhaust so you have different options of how to pull the vacuum line the simplest
solution is to pull the one line that feeds the two controllers so that’s the
line that you can see goes into the little Y so that’s what we’re gonna do
is pull that one you can also pull the vacuum lines off of the valves
themselves but then you’re plugging two vacuum lines versus one probably easiest
just just to do the center line that feeds the whole system before we pull
the vacuum lines I’m actually gonna start the car so you can hear what it
sounds like on a cold start with the factory exhaust and then we’ll do a cold
start with the valves polled the vacuum line going to that why and
there’s a hose clamp on it yes so you want to cut that hose clamp because it’s
one of those non-reusable audit our auditor or Oh dinger I don’t know
where’s cold the German yeah jabbers so cut that pull the vacuum line
then we plug it you got if I was a betting man these things never work the
way they’re supposed if you just pull yeah I guarantee you yeah oh it’s right
unless it’s barbed do you remember if it’s barbed the tip oh yeah the nipple
is barb yeah okay then it’s not good no yeah who’s Germans really make a good
clamp okay this is what I’m gonna do metal shears house
that should tie it hopefully yeah way through
oh here we go I heard hot it nice easier yes metal shears for the win
nice no just gotta pull the backing 100 here threw my Wheaties this morning yeah
so now we just got to plug it up so that way we’re not sucking any debris into
the vacuum system come on oh oh the clamp maybe you want to you want to put
it back just get a regular one yeah okay all right here’s the clamp so we’re
gonna use kind of like a little makeshift tea because we didn’t have the
right fitting so we’re gonna pull this one off we’re gonna put that on the main
the hard line that’s coming out and then what I could put that on the other one
probably don’t have to but just it’s better safe than sorry yeah yeah we got
shop dogs chef Doug crazy why marauders get met back in line plugged up the hard
line that we pulled the back in line off a plugged up and that’s it guy that’s it
yeah that was quick jeez I wasn’t done talking great success that smile right there oh
it’s so much nicer lovely oh yeah we comes from a factory they tame it out
and it just sounds so much better right now yeah so we’re gonna we’re gonna let
it warm up and then we’ll grab it for you guys quick change of plans we
decided to put the diffuse around first we didn’t get our hands burnt well being
on it’s too hot exhaust and Cory fred was like well I might as well clean it
yeah I mean it’s off the car what else he gonna have this good access right so
yeah you know have some like drips from the exhaust and all that crap so these
things do get pretty gross shiny not quiet but a good enough right yeah
you’re not gonna make look perfect it’s the bottom of the car you know there’s
these things are meant to get dirty and they serve the purpose it’s for an
attempt to put a box under the diffuser to kind of balance it while trying to
get back up there it’s a little bit of pain in the ass to get this thing on you
just you kind of playing this weird balancing game with one hand while
trying to screw in the other hand and yeah it’s little tricky latias you’re on
a lift yes just buttoning up the the diffuser
II don’t have to do super tight you don’t want to go to like four or
Gadhafi’s or anything maybe like one and a half it’s composite so go too tight
you’ll crack the composite and drop in the car down yeah okay so I guess I’m
kind of teasing you guys now we’re gonna install a new anti-gravity lithium
battery this before we get to the exhaust sounds there you have to deal
with this a little longer so yeah Fred saw me do the into anti-gravity battery
installation and said holy crap I need one of those if you guys didn’t know
these batteries can actually save your ass when the battery gets too low of a
charge are madly shuts off but keeps the reserve charge in it so that you can
then click a remote control button reactivate the battery and have it
actually still start your car up to six times pretty badass and only weighs 15
pounds in this car it’s insane we got your new anti-gravity lithium battery
with the battery tracker and even but the tender because well I don’t drive it
as often as Dan does so yeah I also got the 60 amp power 1/2 so I just want a
little bit more capacity so this is a big boy yeah did
you do did you do now let me see glorious how are you freaking kidding me
weighs nothing oh my gosh yeah there should be yep
right all right let’s plot the old piece of crap let’s do it
so here’s the battery compartment which is on the passenger footwell friends
actually has these little screws mine was just velcro right
you want my suspicion is when probably had the screws at one point and then happens like that screw it a lot a lot
of times they do have subtle changes in these cars but Lisa’s your hand screws
yes oh and there she is oh that’s the original batteries oh
goodness so that’s 70 amp power 660 cold cranking
amps Wow so what we’re gonna do boss was first so we got a disconnect the
negative battery terminal first okay and that is just like quick disconnect on
the left so yeah so pull it yeah pull that and you gotta wiggle it off the
terminal okay which sometimes is a bit of a bitch
there goes yeah yeah okay and then now we’re gonna need to disconnect the other
side okay and also the hold down strap and ten rails
yep good to get the battery out there’s this bottom clamp again just ten
millimeters so you can see this shiny metal piece that needs to come out of
here mine didn’t have this but his has a clamp on the top as well a little bit
different than mine again this is a 2015 mines of 2010 so they probably realized
mine was not as good as this should come all the way go if you loosen the ones
I’ll get the other side shop dogs that’s one bad part about having Wymer honors
they’re a pain in the butt see if I can just get that oh yeah there we go nice
Oh beautiful yeah that’s right don’t have to do the one that was okay we
better plan so now I can slide it and probably pop the positive terminal off
so it slides right out yeahjust but it’s still connecting the
positive term okay all right so we’re gonna pull out top cross member off just
to give us more room we feel like we’re fighting against it so there’s no reason
just to take a couple extra moments and just unscrew it and get it out of the
way oh yeah much more that little plastic like connector thing he was
actually mounted into those two little holes like this yeah and it actually
held down that big terminal on the battery I didn’t have this in mind
because I already had an aftermarket battery my suspicion is that this is a
for a factory thing and obviously as soon as you go to an aftermarket no
one’s going to have these two holes in the battery and so you’re effectively
just gonna chuck this away because it’s worthless now that is something of note
if you’re dealing with a Ferrari factory battery on these four or five eights you
can’t just pull the terminal off because that’s why we’re struggling sorry why
won’t this turbine will come off well that’s why usually the Oh 45 pounds so
we’re looking for the mark there but actually stamp right there as is
obviously a 2014 this is the original battery that’s why it’s not having a
good time starting also of no the new battery doesn’t have a battery event
because it’s not an AGM battery or a lot s batteries oh my goodness things like a
toy like I mentioned this battery actually has the capacity to restart as
they call it’s the restart feature there’s actually a button on the top of
the battery if you lost your remote if you do the button you’re supposed to
turn it on start the car then push the button again
so don’t just like go willy-nilly pushing the button the hardest part
about doing all this is you’re basically laying prone on the floor of the car
it’s kind of awkward and uncomfortable and you don’t get a lot of leverage oh
the clamp the negative turn on there now it’s clamped into place of pop off the
little blue cap and put on the quick-connect zap is it gonna spark yeah
well don’t you touch it okay nice and snug I’m gonna do the flip they
do their cars come back to life all right so we’re get an app connected to
the tracker set we can actually see the battery usage on this thing and also I’m
gonna do real quick is I’m gonna turn the ignition forward and set the date
and clock of this car so just reminder every time you pull the battery on these
cars you want to turn the ignition for it and LEM sit for about thirty seconds
before you actually turn the car connected we have twelve thirteen point
two one volts ninety percent of the battery battery is okay I have to say
something that was really easy I mean you just turn on the car and it found it
yeah matter of fact yours even connected to it first oh yeah I turn on my phone
and it connected to his battery it’s pretty cool batteries in time to just
button it all up and get her back out on the road and hear that glorious new
exhaust note yeah hey we decided not to find that stupid bracket thing yeah it
fits really snug it doesn’t really seem like it was meant for like any
aftermarket batteries I think it was like more designed for the original one
so because it’s the first start after pulling the battery we’re just gonna
start it up and let it sit there and idle for a little while don’t rev the
car after you first put in a new battery it’s the way to do it I mean if you got
a spider on a day like today you got a dr at the top down
perfect out already so much better oh yeah you get
that little poppity pop snap crackle oh my gosh yes oh my goodness yes
Wow talk about an awesome mod oh yeah just that that shift of the down
shifts are epic oh yeah are you pleased Barry if you’ve got a 458 and you have
the little nanny tube on there pull that shit out plug it up you will be very
happy $0 so I’m talking about that’s what I’m talking about
oh yeah it sounds like a fraud that’s what I’m talking about that is awesome a little bit better Oh a
little bit oh my god like day and night yeah you actually brought the car alive
yeah now you want to drive it more no oh yeah we’re gonna put some musical notes
out for these people yes well there you have it so that was exactly zero dollars
to improve the exhaust on this thing from kind of like good but not great –
really pretty damn awesome so if you’re not looking to swap out the exhaust on
one of these you can do that takes probably about 15 to 20 minutes if
you’re pretty savvy with tools I mean seriously not a big deal at all you just
got pulled diffuser pull the vacuum line plug it up and that’s it and the best
part about that is it’s completely reversible if you don’t like it or if
you go to sell a car you wanted to have it be factory original just plug the
vacuum line back in and you’re done and of course then the antigravity batteries
I just think it’s a good idea if your battery is dying and you need to replace
it a really good battery they’re gonna save your butt and you don’t have to
worry about having a good charge as much as you do keep it Inc I’m a tender all
the time it’s just it’s gonna do a much better job awesome batteries amazing mod
zero dollars for the mod Fred’s happy yeah you guys are amazing thank you so
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