Macchar In The Car – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

What is the matter big brother? You look like you are in some trouble. Yes brother, I have to deliver this car urgently to a friend of mine at Kamaalpur. But I do not understand how to deliver it? Why? You go and deliver it yourself. I have to attend to an important meeting and there my friend is going out of station tonight only. My driver is also on leave, can you both deliver this car to my friend for me? I will give you whatever money you ask for this job. Ok, we agree but the money what we ask. Done! But there is one clause, my friend has to catch the flight tonight only so you don’t stop the car anywhere. If the car stops than you will not get your money. It will not stop Sir! We promise you that. Motu, before promising first ask what is in the car. Nothing, the car is empty, there are only some documents of my property. Than it is not a problem, let’s go Patlu today’s day is very auspicious. We got to earn in the morning itself. Wow! I can take a free ride till Kamaalpur. And they both will be good lunch and dinner for free, let me also go and enjoy the fun. Passengers kindly pay attention we are about to take off anytime please fasten your seat-belts. Passenger has fastened his seat-belt, wow today will be fun. Trip of trip and earnings of money. I will be the one who will have fun, trip of trip, lunch drinks free. One Motu and the other Patlu, both of theirs tasty juice and free car ride. Wow! Today it will be an outdoor party for me, first I will taste Motu’s juice. Where did this mosquito come from? Motu, drive carefully. Hey Motu I won’t leave you, if you don’t know how to drive a car than why are you sitting on the driving seat? Sorry Boxer brother. Now you won’t escape. Motu what are you doing? Hold of the steering. Catch them, are they driving a car or flying it? Yes, do not leave them, they are running away after causing so much damage to us. Motu you drive the car or neither will the car remain intact nor we both. This Motu’s juice is very tasty, it seems he eats a lot. First, I will enjoy his juice nicely than I will think about this Patlu. Patlu help! That mosquito is sitting on my neck and biting me. Oh my god! These are Motu and Patlu, Motu, stop the car. Stop in the name of the law, I will charge you for rash driving and put you in prison. Hey Motu stop the car, it’s impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Stop the car or I will call police, I will call the army. Sorry Chingam sir, I cannot stop the car. It is the question of our daily earning. Now where will you escape? Patlu don’t you move, this time around he has attacked you. Motu sit as you are do not move, he is sitting on your shoulder. Motu, why are you leaving the steering time and again? Patlu, is there any festival in Kamaalpur today? Such a big crowd is going towards Kamaalpur only. Thank god, everyone is behind us. If they would have been ahead of us than we would have faced traffic jam. Just for this one time we deliver the car in time than we will also go touring. Motu they are not going for a tour; these are those people whom we have hit. Quickly drive fast or else forget the road jam our system will surely get jammed, drive fast! The juice of these two is very tasty, along with lunch, I am getting entertained too. Hey Chunky what’s up? Where are you? Nothing my friend, I am at home only and getting bored, you say. I am cool, I am passing from your territory, if you want to party then come; I am in a white color car. It’s a car ride along with full entertainment my friend. Ok, I will bring along Chinky, Munky and Shunky and reach there now. Patlu, do something my mind does not work on an empty stomach. What do I do? They have flown here with the entire gang. Motu the car has been totally destroyed. Thanks Motu Patlu for such a nice party, bye. These two look like the same persons Jagga was saying about, but what have they done to the car? Boss look behind them, there is a crowd running after them and police too. I hope they might not have found about our plan. We will think about the gold in the car later, right now let’s run away from here. Listen do you know anyone by the name of Heera here? We have to deliver this car to him. I am only Heera, Is this a car or a tin box? I will call my friend right now and tell him what a mess you have made of his car. Sorry sir but we delivered the car on time. What sorry? What will I do with such a car? What to do means? Take this, when you do not want to do anything with it than I will break down car. Boss, look bag. Bag! What bag? Chingam Sir catch this bag, there is illegal gold in this. Oh my god! This is the most wanted smuggler Heera. Hands up, it is impossible to get away from Chingam’s web. It is not so easy to arrest Heera, beat them all up. Stop everybody, I swear you all in the name of law. Chingam sir! Motu-Patlu has done so much loss to everyone, what about that? Motu-Patlu are surely responsible for everyone’s losses. But they have done a bigger job of saving this gold and by getting these smugglers arrested. Motu Patlu will make good of all your losses from the reward money. I am very much sorry for all of you. Ok no problem, you have done such a big job.