Logitech Rally: 4K UHD Video and Auto-Framing

RALLY Hey guys Ok, let’s get this meeting started. I love this room. Here we go! Hi, alright, look alive you guys. Who knows how to get this thing started? I bet it’s you. Tina, ya ready to get this thing going? One second.Hi,One second. Take your time guys, it’s ok. They really need to upgrade. At least we look good. And, we’re going. So, the UVA closed and- It’s not quite right. It’s not quite right? It’s not quite right. It is not quite ..I dono That is a lot, Tina! I’ve never even looked at my face that close before. That’s a big mole. Wow, this one huh? Good thing we don’t pay her! oh.. camera fell, guys. I can fix it! Can you guys hold on just one minute? Guys, maybe you could just email us? 4K AUTO-FRAMING AND ZOOM DESIGNED FOR LARGE ROOMS CLUTTER-FREE MIC CABLING RALLY
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