Lincoln Aviator: First Look –

we’re here at the 2018 New York Auto
Show to check out the latest creation from Lincoln The Aviator is 3-row SUV
now a finalized version of The Aviator isn’t quite ready yet so what we’re
seeing here is what Lincoln calls a production preview but they did also
tell us that the styling and the things that we see here are very very close to
what we’re gonna see on the production car just with some slight changes to
things like the side mirrors and potentially the wheels now one of our
favorite styling elements on the Aviator is this grille now we’ve seen this girl
before on other Lincoln models in the same shape however what they’ve done is
they’ve reversed the mesh to give it more of a three-dimensional look and it
sits very upright it gives the front of the car so I’m distinctiveness from the
rest of the lineup and I think that a person who looks fantastic I’m also a
big fan of this paint color which is called flight blue and that kind of
keeps with the aviation motif that we have for the whole styling of the
vehicle now one other thing that I very much like is this belt line here this
chrome strip makes it easy to see that it runs very horizontally flat all the
way from the front to the back of the car and this does two things
one it makes the car as a whole up here a little bit lower and two it allows you
to have these very large windows in the first second and third rows and what
that does is it allows more light into the cabin it makes it feel more airy and
spacious for occupants now on the interior the same sort of caveat supply
this is a pre-production model so there could be some changes and materials
however the overall design should stay pretty much the same which is a good
thing it is a very very calm very peaceful interior the Aviator also
borrows some of the best features of the navigator interior that we liked
including this 10 inch screen in the center console one other thing that it
also grabbed is these 30 Way powered perfect position seats with massage
function and Lincoln actually says that on the aviator they change the massage
pattern to make it more soothing now Lincoln is calling the aviator a
medium-sized SUV and will actually have three rows of seating for up to seven
occupants now as we mentioned before this really big glass scene around the
second and third rows give us some of the best back seat visibility of any SUV
that I’ve been in and something that I’d really appreciate on a longer trip being
able to see out of the car helps it to feel more spacious
I mean Lincoln also says a six foot two passenger should be able to fit easily
in the second row one claim that we can’t check though Lincoln says a six
foot passenger will actually be able to fit in the third row but they’re not
letting anyone back there the good news is though that there will be easy access
on the second row both on the passenger and
I recite so both sides will actually tilt forward and slide out so you can
get into the third row easily though final details on the Aviator are a
little bit hard to come by there are a few things that we know from Lincoln
that are worth mentioning the first is power trains now the standard power
train will be a twin turbocharged engine of some kind but the exciting option
will be that they will actually pile in a plug-in hybrid system on top of that
to give you some electrification if you want it the second thing that I actually
really am looking forward to is the Aviator will come with a forward facing
camera and what it will do is it will read the road between seven to ten
meters ahead of you so we’ll check out things like potholes brakes on the road
and it will actually change the adaptive suspension to smooth out the ride as you
go over them now we don’t have an exact on sale date for the Aviator yet we all
we know is that it will go into production sometime next year and on
sale sometime in 2019 you