Lifting My Car With 3D Printed Parts

or off for less 1991 AE92 Corolla FWD Cutting brake line bracket so that I don’t have to disconnect brake lines. First layer is put down slowly. About 8 hours later. Print failed. When the mass of the printed part gets large enough it causes the belt to skip teeth … … the build plate becomes misaligned with the print head and prints in the wrong place. Trying slower speeds. Even slower. 12 hour print. Interior is filled 30%, should be enough for the job. Temporary supports to be able to print sections beginning above the build plate. Started with test fit testing larger prints, almost no material inside layers separating warping layer shifting testing speeds … and finally a pair of useable spacers. New bolts are metric M8x1.25 70MM long. Spacer is 50MM tall, about 2 inches. Parts car. Also gave up it’s engine for the white car. Stock strut fasteners. A friend with a spring compressor had to help install bolts in the front struts. oops Passenger side CV shaft interferes with subframe at full droop. Will need to fix that later. Front on the other car is still higher because it has no engine or transmission. CVs don’t seem to be vibrating any more than normal. Need bigger tires and more lift.