Life at ams – Michele

My name is Michele and I am in the group of
metrology and effect engineering here in Premstaetten. As metrology and application engineer I am
taking care of the equipment used to measure and analyse wafer during production of a microchip. In particular I am responsible of the electron
microscope, it’s X-ray fluorescence and the X-ray diffraction too. For me, that it is a very scientific job in
which I can apply a lot of the knowledge I gained from the university. And this is quite exciting for me because
I can really feel that all my effort, that I put during the previous years are finally rewarded
in my job. I think it’s the freedom I have to make decisions
about my project, about the equipment I am taking care of. So here the supervisors really would like
to make responsible of your jobs and this is quite exciting for me because it’s the
best thing – at the beginning it can be a bit scaring but it’s the best thing to learn
your job and becoming an expert of your field. I studied material engineering and nanotechnology
at Politecnico of Milan. And I am recently graduated and I’m specialized
in particulary in solid-state physics and material characterisation using X-ray techniques. For sure solid basis in solid-state physics
and material science and semi-conductor engineering are crucial but also good analytical skills
and an organised mindset are essential to do well in my job. Because here I think that the level of technology
the level of innovation is quite on the top and this is making ams really competitive
against even the giants of semi-conductor industry. And also because here the people
are really willing to collaborate with each other and help you in every part of your job. And also the relationship between employees
and managers are quite friendly and informal and they are always open to listen to your
opinions and suggestions. The life is also great, I mean here the people are all friendly and open, or mostly if you
come from another country like me. And also the company is really putting effort
in organising social events to help people to build relationships with each other and to
exchange cultural experiences and impressions. That’s really nice. Pride for what we are doing, for the fact that
we are a key point in the semi-conductor and sensor industry. Internationality and I think careness about
our product, costumer and first of all employees.