Lexus Car News – The End of Lexus Reliability?

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and welcome back to car news is our news today’s episode we are going to dive
into the latest recall by Lexus and we’re gonna talk about a new supercar
and LC version with twin turbos and we’ll give you the details on that we’re
also going to talk about Lexus is ranking in the top sales in North
America and we’re going to give you an example of a really really scary and
dangerous driving incident that recently happened with a Lexus driver stick
around you’re going to love it let’s get into it now Lexus and Lexus recalls now
specifically I have to ask the question could this be the very end for Lexus
reliability as we know it today we know and for in fact that they have been
notoriously reliable they’ve had a reputation for high levels of quality
control and reliability and Lexus Toyota brand have been second to really none in
terms of consumers reports and JD Powers ratings for reliability however we do
have something very hot off the press so word has it approximately 44,000
vehicles of 2019 and 2020 model years by Toyota and Lexus have a serious concern
and a flaw in the engine that can lead to stalling leaks or just a right fire
where the car can burn to the ground and this essentially affects Lexus ES 300h
vehicles and a bunch of Toyotas from the Camry the Camry Hybrid the Avalon hybrid
the rav4 and the rav4 hybrid so if you have any 2019 or 20 model years you may
have to check with your local dealer so what it really is is a flaw within the
block where it can leak antifreeze or oil we pit out of the side of the block
which then of course can contribute to either leaking stalling failure or
catastrophic failure as such as a fire so first size if you’re an owner and you
notice chimes on the dashboard you hear grinding strange noises smoke or fire of
course stop the vehicle immediately that could
be your problem so apparently Toyota claims that there’s
only about 250 vehicles in that range that will need outright engine
replacements the rest of the 44,000 and change will likely need some sort of an
inspection or a patch to make the repairs so what contributed to this well
there was a water flowmeter as part of the process when
they’re pouring and developing the cast for the engines that water flow meter
failed resulting in poor cooling of the engine after it was poured the cooling
didn’t develop properly and as a result cracks developed so as it stands many of
these vehicles are in the hands of customers right now and need to hit the
dealers and the rest of them that are currently still sitting on the car lot
need to be addressed and cannot be sold by the dealer so if you haven’t yet
purchased one the dealer cannot sell you that car until it’s been verified and
fixed as needed so the recall is actually officially hitting the ground
running on April 6 2020 and for more details if you want to find out more
about it yourself don’t forget the NHTSA website that will tell you everything
you need to know on your car so the next great story has to do with a
high-performance variation of a current existing Lexus model now Lexus has
always been known for dependability reliability and of course comfortable
cars that are nice to drive however they’ve always sort of stayed away from
the edgy vehicles because their customers haven’t typically looked for
that however many consumers are looking for another alternative and Lexus is
stepping up to the plate to offer a high-performance version of the current
LC 500 now Lexus typically hasn’t had high performance aggressive cars other
than the LFA and the ISF which was sort of borderline they generally stick to
the mainstream cars that are easy to live with but the new LC 500 is
currently being tested on racetracks current v8 is five liters in
displacement and we would expect the new car to have a 4.0 liter expected to have
over 600 horsepower to C zero to 60 times in well under three and a half
seconds what’s really exciting as Lexus is taking the racing version of this car
to the Nurburgring for the 24 hour race down in May of 2020
so stick around you’re gonna wanna find out see how successful this car can
really be on the track so the next great story is some great news by Lexus and
they are seeing some serious worldwide successes as they are hitting the number
one ranked for top sales worldwide but in the American market I can honestly
tell you currently BMW leaves the race then followed by Mercedes and thirdly
the Lexus brand so the way it stands BMW owns the crown in the United States at
three hundred and twenty-four thousand sales in 2019 it’s up by about four and
a half percent from the previous year in 2018 largely because of the ex
X 5 and X 7 updates and the 3 series has come out with some strong sales as well
so as a result BMW has seen some major successes in United States now Mercedes
who came in second in 2019 sales remained relatively flat from 2018 and
they held at about 300 16,000 units sold in the United States for 2019 and now
again as well another common theme that we found with BMWs many of the cars
started to lose ground and sales slumped it’s the SUVs and crossovers that
brought sales up and that’s ultimately what equalized everything from Mercedes
and BMW now Alexis came in at a highly successful 298 thousand units sold in
the United States for 2019 again they saw similar things that were happening
with Mercedes and BMW and many of their cars slumped they actually lost sales
for example the is and the GS models both dropped about 35 and 48 percent
respectively the es on the other hand climbed up marginally by about 6% from
the year before and it’s ultimately the SUVs and crossovers as well as some of
the hybrids that really found success for Lexus specifically the UX which came
out late in 2018 it jumped up in 2019 by 3,600 percent over the end of 2018 when
it came out and as a result that is where they found significant successes
and just missing the podium and fourth place is Audi at about two hundred and
twenty four thousand sales in the United States for 2019 and the next great story
goes about reliability and the rankings by JD Powers as well as consumers
reports of the Lexus brand we all know that Lexus and Toyota have owned that
crown for many many years guess what 2019 is a new leaf they in
fact are no longer the kings and they’ve been bumped by another brand would you
ever believe we’d be talking about a Korean car beating out the top Japanese
cars for dependability reliability well this in fact has happened by the new
emerging luxury brand called Genesis now interestingly enough the Genesis is top
spot which essentially is their flagship luxury car which is direct competitor to
Lexus strangely the Kia and Hyundai which is their more base model versions
surprisingly down at 13th and 14th spot on the list of average reliability so
how this is all ranked is every vehicles how many vehicles or problems
are seen that need dealer attention so let’s talk about and review some of the
key ones course Genesis being at eighty nine problems per hundred vehicles the
bottom spots of course being Chrysler and Land Rover at a rating of two
hundred and fourteen and two hundred and twenty problems per hundred vehicles
respectively absolutely horrendous ownership experiences with those
vehicles now as a single vehicle rating not necessarily as brand related the
Toyota Camry has a stellar rating of fifty-three problems per hundred
vehicles let’s look down the list real quickly and show you how these vehicles
all rank up by brand so first thing we have Genesis at eighty nine Lexus at one
hundred problems per hundred Buick and a 103 Porsche at 104 Toyota 113 Volkswagen
116 and BMW at 123 OD at 136 mercedes-benz at a sickly 150 to
infinity at 155 and Jaguar 186 followed by Chrysler and Land Rover at 214 and
220 respectively so lastly we’re gonna share with you a story that was filmed
by a Tesla that has all these cameras mounted to the bodywork was able to
capture a bad and a really scary moment on the highways where a Lexus
aggressively brake-checked a Subaru which resulted in the Subaru hitting the
ditch let’s take a look at this right now so as you can see we can see the
Subaru which is being tailgated by this Lexus driver however good driving
etiquette would tell you the let’s uber should have moved out of the way for the
Lexus now the Lexus is getting excited he’s trying to pass on the right hand
side now as you can see the Subaru speeds up as well because there’s a
little bit of a road rage situation Lexus gets in front of Subaru hammers on
the brakes and then the Subaru loses control and off he goes into the hedges
fortunately he bounces off the guardrail and pulls back out on the road and the
Lexus drives off into the sunset so let that be a lesson everybody Deanna that
they don’t engage road rage it’s a bad situation nothing good can ever come of
it and as a result if you see somebody on your tail maybe just give them the
right away let them go over there obviously in a rush there could be any
number of reasons why they’re driving aggressively just get out of the way and
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