Letitia Wright Meets Kim | Shell Eco-marathon | #makethefuture

Welcome Kim! So, you like shifting gears? Yeah that’s better than the… Well she’s giving me advice on some cars. My first memory of motorsport is the F1 being on a Sunday, Dad just puts it on telly, I walk in. Yeah its Kimi Raikkonen, we had the same name. When did you realise that you were interested in engineering? It probably stemmed from A-Levels. So, I was just kind of like what do I like? And I love cars! That is my passion and it’s just, I’m completely absorbed by it.
It gives you a sense of independence. Was it an easy road into University for you? I was told at AS level that I would never achieve a B grade or above. I actually achieved an A* at Physics AS level in one of my exams. It’s like telling a runner you’ll never run quicker then 11 seconds, it’s in their minds, but I did it. You should never doubt yourself that you can’t do something.
You should just ask yourself, is this what I am interested in? And how can I pursue it more? That’s something that I live by too you know. You’re being told about limitations all the time and just kind of like push that to the side and not allow it to define you. With this degree, seeing how it’s actually changing the world and is making our future. It is such an incredible industry with so many variations. You can go from either automotive, serious car industry,
customer focus or you can be a Lego designer. So, tell me about Shell Eco-marathon and your involvement? Shell Eco-marathon is the perfect platform, that brings all of the aspects of
automotive engineering and engineering in general together. It’s a team event and its competition at its best. The record is 3771 Kilometres per litre, which is basically the distance a car can travel from London to Rome and back. Which is crazy, on one litre of fuel. Our team this year are definitely in it to win it. We are so ambitious, we have worked so hard on our vehicle, we’ve developed simulations to ensure that we are maximizing every aspect
that we could think of to do with the vehicle and efficiency. No surprise that you are the driver. I seem to tick the specifications. Being the driver is incredibly exciting. I need to make sure
that I’m not heavy footed on the throttle. I drive it to the upmost that the vehicle can perform,
for the vehicle’s sake, fuel consumptions sake and my sake. How far can STEM take you? There is no limits. You can even go to space, so you are not restricted to this planet. You look like someone that wants to go to space. If there’s a car that’s going… You’re going to invent it. I’ll be there. Space-car. I love it.