Learn Colors and Race Cars with Max, Bill and Pete the Truck – TOYS (Colors and Toys for Toddlers)

I found it! OK, let’s open the box! Look! These are racecars.
They look cool, but they’re all grey. This toy set comes with a paint station. Let’s paint the cars different colors and then we can race them. Let’s turn the cars’ lights on so we’ll know what color to paint each car. We will paint this car red. RED This one will be orange. ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE PURPLE Let the race begin! We don’t have enough room for the cars to race. Hi, guys.
Hi, Pete. I know a place where we can race these cars! Sounds great! Let’s load the cars and set up a real race! RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE! Let me show you our racetrack! First, the cars must go around the RED cones. Then go through the ORANGE tunnel. Jump over the YELLOW ramps. Cross the GREEN bridge. Cross the BLUE platform. And it’s very slippery! And this PURPLE loop is the final obstacle. And then we will have a winner! The PURPLE car is ready!
The BLUE car is ready! The GREEN car is ready!
The YELLOW car is ready! The ORANGE car is ready!
The RED car is ready! Let the race begin! The cars are going around the RED cones. The RED car is in the lead! Now they are going through the ORANGE tunnel. The ORANGE car has crossed the checkpoint! They are jumping over the YELLOW ramps. The YELLOW car is now in the lead. The cars are crossing the GREEN bridge! Looks like the GREEN car is ahead of the competition! The cars are entering onto the slippery BLUE platform. The BLUE car is winning! And the final obstacle is the PURPLE loop. Looks like the PURPLE car crossed the loop first! And now they are all racing toward the finish line! And the winner is ….
Everybody! All the cars finished at the same time! RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE!