LCD Rear View Mirror Dash-Cam | Auto-Vox DVR-AV5 Product Review

hi and we have another product to review it’s a mirror dashcam by a company
called Auto-Vox and yeah we thought this looked quite interesting essentially
what you have is a dashcam built into a mirror so this is going to clip on to
actual rearview mirror this has got a full nine inch touchscreen built-in so
that should be much nicer to use than the fiddly screens on a normal dashcam
and yeah there’s the camera that will look straight forward now it’s not just
this though it also comes with a rear view camera which is here that can be
mounted internally or externally and of course it functions as a twin dashcam
now but also a reversing camera so that could be quite nice for an older car
that doesn’t have reversing cameras with this you would have so yeah it comes a
little ease of course we’ve got a long cable to different rear camera mounts
power cables straps for the mirror everything we need so I’m going to
quickly get this set up and be back with you in a moment
okay so we’ve set it up quickly all I do now is plug it in and it should turn on
for the first time look and there is so it starts off in rear camera view as
you’d expect and it starts recording just like any other dashcam but you can
just touch the screen and getting to all the menus adjust any of the settings you
need to it’s got quite a nice big menu system stop recording before I do that
stop recording and then I can into the menu and instead of having a fiddly
screen you’ve now got a nice big screen where you can look at all the settings
will have a quick talk about the details of this later but
yeah that’s how many works also on the screen you’ve got buttons to quickly
turn off the microphone switch camera views was just quite neat so that’s both
views front and rear at once it also got just the front if you want to check the
setup or normally you’d want the rear view because of course this is
functioning as the actual mirror in the car now you can also take a still
picture if you need to or you can lock it there’s a brightness adjustment at
the top and yeah you just go and drive now that’s the normal thing you’d use it
for just for a couple of specs um it’s got a nine inch touchscreen mirror and
the actual camera is built into site here and I can slide outwards to get a
better view or to go around the mirror actually behind the rear camera I’ll
show you in a second and both cameras are 1080p resolution which is perfectly
fine for dash cams I’m using a 64 gigabyte card a micro SD
and that should give around eight to nine hours on 1080p for both front and
rear you can reduce the resolution to get a longer record time but then it
won’t be as clear so I’m happy with that like any other normal dashcam as soon as
we start the car the unit boots up automatically and starts recording both
cameras onto the single memory card in the main unit there is a red light to
confirm everything is recording correctly the screen is very bright and
gives a great view behind the car the rear camera gives a much wider view than
a normal mirror but this is a good thing as it reduces the blind spots behind the
car following traffic does look smaller than
normal but we got used to it quite quickly
of course since we are now watching a direct feed from the rear camera it
doesn’t matter if we have passengers in the rear of the car or boot full of
luggage nothing will block our rear view unlike
with a normal mirror the rear camera is waterproof so it can be mounted inside
or outside the car to make the wiring easier we chose to mount it inside the
car at the top of the rear window this car already has a rear-view camera but
if we were fitting this to a car that hasn’t got one we might mount it outside
near the registration plate to give a better view close behind the car the
rear camera can even be wired to the car’s reversing light so that when
reverse is selected the unit will automatically show reversing guidelines
a GPS receiver is supplied in the box and this will record the position and
speed of the car as you drive unusually it doesn’t record anything on to the
actual video but instead auto Vox supply software so the GPS data can be
viewed on a computer if you choose to wire the camera into a permanent power
feed then the unit has the option to switch on a parking mode this will keep
the cameras recording after you leave the car in case anyone causes any damage
the camera has an internal backup power reserve to allow the last recording to
be saved in the event of an accident most cheaper cameras use a small battery
for this but instead this unit has a super capacitor which is more resistant
to overheating and should have a longer life let’s take a look at some footage
that the camera has recorded with its cameras the first clip from the front
camera is shot in strong sunlight and it is okay quality
the unit has sony image sensors in both cameras and uses glass lenses of course
it can’t compare with the output from a gopro or other proper camera but as a
dashcam it is fine it would certainly be good enough to show who was to blame in
the event of an accident switching to the rear camera shows that the image is
very similar some dual dash cams use a lower resolution for the rear camera but
this also records in 1080p the same as the front camera perhaps we should have
angled the camera a little higher but this would be easy to adjust after
fitting next we went for a drive in the early
evening the Setting Sun is more of a challenge for the cameras but we are
still happy enough with the results here is how the rear camera looks finally we went for a night drive to
really test the system out the auto brightness setting on the monitor works
well and we didn’t need to adjust anything manually we could see following
traffic but since it was through a monitor rather than a mirror
it wasn’t blinding at all and we didn’t need to dip the mirror switching to the
camera recordings once more the footage is still clear despite the very low
light levels the camera deals with other car lights and doesn’t over expose the
image here is the rear camera once more there are a few extra benefits for us as
driving instructors when driving since the rearview is being shown on a monitor
rather than a mirror it can be seen equally well by the passenger and the
driver so we don’t need to use an extra mirror anymore this cuts down the
clutter on the windscreen especially as there is no need for separate dashcam as
well much neater we found that the best position for the unit was to angle it
parallel to the windscreen and down a little as it reduced any extra
reflections from the cars windows of course the unit’s position doesn’t need
to be adjusted for each driver as a mirror normally would so that’s a small
benefit as well if we need to replay a clip during the lesson it is easy to do
with the large touchscreen and it even has sound playback too to conclude this
unit is two devices in one an electric rear-view system and a twin – can both
work very well considering the very reasonable cost of the unit the
installation is neat and easy to do and the unit’s monitor is large clear and
has good brightness the wide-angle view does make following traffic look smaller
than normal but it didn’t take long to get used to we rarely have rear seat
passengers or much luggage in this car but if we did it wouldn’t affect our
rear view at all unlike with a normal rear view mirror we did notice that we
needed to use the rear wash wipe more often than normal to keep our view clear
as any dirt on the screen was quite noticeable however since this would
ensure that the rear cameras recordings were as clear as possible this isn’t a
problem the actual recordings from both cameras
were good quality and we will probably install the unit into this car
permanently to replace the existing dashcam if you are interested in buying
this unit yourself we have placed a link to the unit on Amazon in the video
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