so what’s crazy about this edition
retromobile 2019 that’s what I would call profusion
here you have not to a model extravagant or will die you have
many that is where you have on this stand a f40 and ben actually there
even has a second at best it will be a bugatti eb110
supersport 32 copies made on this living room is too mobile just there are
marvels at yesterday’s games there are some games at all corners of the stands
it’s a little destabilizing because couple of other cars a little less
spectacular we have trouble watching them since in fact every detour
we have things absolutely splendid but
I can not show you everything here really invites you really to come
see come discover it I think everyone can find
really his account the famous mercedes 300 sl with doors
butterfly everyone does not know history but butterfly doors
are in fact a technical constraint since this mercedes comes from a
version dedicated to the race that had a tubular frame is so here in
below this arch there you have the frame and blow the butterfly doors
were really constrained technical because you can not
have door with opening standard and indulge the legend the
famous 300 sl butterfly or gullwing in English so on each retromobile salon there
at a sale a car auction organized by the artcurial house and
every year there is the star of the show is well the star of the show this year she
is in front of you it is an alfa romeo 8c from 1939 there are only four
copies to the world look at the lines are absolutely
sublime it’s a body made by touring with the superleggera system
superlegge that it must speak to you since it is a manufacturing process
which is still used today not only on
Italian builders so this alfa romeo 8c will be sold on
estimates around 15 16 million euros look
she is absolutely fabulous in rare cars look at this
Aston Martin 28 ch
but if you do not come zagato quiz but especially the peculiarity is that it is
a sw version that is, it’s a break from
hunt we recognize well here see the the embossing characteristics of the lines
zagato and here all the bodywork
which was done for this version signed sed this cake then an estimate around one million euros
for bah me I know me I put a ticket on well, you got it right yeah
tour at artcurial on this famous park closed what are you
remember what marked you then what I remember first is that
among all these wonders there are ferrari ferrari that are
a little bit the cars which all the dream world
yeah and go yeah that’s not the case ben if it’s because we see first and
that’s what we’re going to notice beautiful cars that are in their juice
for years we have an example here in india watch it it is for example as you told me just now
is in his game that is to say that we can look here we still have all
the traces we smell sweat on on humanity is that that’s it we see the patina of leather the time we
see it’s the same patina of the steering wheel this car so all have lived
that’s it and we feel it’s of mechanics what he feels that the
little ones who drove his wallet and equipped and if we had cars on
exactly worse the agreement in quebec I think yeah this
that we must remember from everything conventional
finally it’s the ram that’s it exactly
exactly then on your mobile the
builders are investing and especially bentley since bentley has
brought back from his museum stock inheritance this magnificent exp 2 then the
xp2 because actually it’s the second official model of the brand
this 100 year old car at the base a race vehicle and who won
by the way the first victory of good keys in racing at brooklands so
this car is the second beast produced milk and what is interesting
it is that it really makes the report between very early in the story
bentley and then look here we come on the news namely the bentley
continental convertible gtc but that we’ll keep it for later
because I think we’re going can go try it a little bit
so I show you a little bit but you will know more later
we are in front of an old bentley and I put a little glue to my friend damien
if we look at amiens inside we will find that the driver part and
that of leather upholstery leather and if we look at the passenger part we are more
on a mixture of wool cashmere and of different materials of the leather then
no question it’s damien why a very good century
it must say that without the call to a friend I would not know the world hello then in
does it pass is that it is the legacy horse-drawn carriages that
had two horses is actually the coachman at the time were placed outside of
the car subjected to bad weather and so leather was a material that
resists is actually it was a material which could be in the open
in fact it was the coachman’s seat is behind the shelter we had as we are
on a vehicle of m space for them masters who were garnished with
materials considered at the time as much more noble was nobler
to have wools and cashmere that leather because it was much more
complicated to find this type of material thank you lh series for this precision I
think we can easily do the parallel with this magnificent this
beautiful sleigh pretty full period in fact it’s a replica of the whole
first benz is so there we can do a zen zone in our benz benz benz
because in fact it’s a drop in retromobile things really
particular since are you figuring that I’m actually in a truck and when
I say in a truck I’m not sitting in the truck i’m in the truck
look here the direction there is the wheel the sedane
yesterday to remind me of Asia we are going go out we start to look
pay attention to issor sarsar yes that’s a tire
yes it’s a truck price and in fact we is before we were in actually in
the truck the biggest in the world
the berliet you are without looking a little little size of the mastodon
it’s monstrous then among the nuggets that we find here
in retromobile I will tell you about this bugatti so who according to all
appearances could be a bugatti atlantic but no since the bugatti
atlantic is very little in the world
3 if my memories are good and if she had to be on sale would be estimated a
fifty or even a hundred million euros short here we have a
recreation makes it a recreation of the thrush Atlantic tier with its famous
stopped besides these famous stops what
they are due and of course the original the bugatti atlantic
it’s a magnesium body and the magnesium do not weld and therefore the
blow and well the bodywork had been fully rift is so here it’s a
recreation steel but we kept well sure here this riveting system the
chassis by cons is identical to the true Atlantic is a chassis of
bugatti 57 sport lowered and so if we look pau i would say a replica a
reconstruction a recreation we have when even an estimate
pretty friendly in 1937 bugatti was pretty strong on the
sports cars with 7 57s good by against the level of lighthouses they
would prove to be doing on lighting I found what it takes to go
go shopping or go to the mcdrive on panzer 4 to him beyond tergnier hackers
who is facing his former enemy the sherman tank here exposed so on the
armored museum stand look the top is scary amateur of citroën welcome here you
have I think anything that may have existed as declination on the ds cabriolet
cut etc etc etc I think that there is not missing big
thing actually in special versions there is even
here a discoverable cx brief lovers of citroën welcome here good damien it’s always ok and well tuned
after two laps of ladybug
yes it’s still going and now to the bentley for a little downhill
Champs Elysées olé that’s it and then if I tell you by
example what do you think of this enzo yellow i know that enzo is particular
for you yes although it is not yellow enzo and my son it is a magnificent car since
actually by the way price lets we had bought him in
the wind zoo but good at the scale 1/50 so actually a lot of birthday to
find themselves mobile including that of the mini and blow bah we have an exhibition
maxi of the mini one to the end do you like lamborghini murat that falls
good me too and in addition here we will be spoiled since
watch it’s not an ira but a two three
four five six it’s an avalanche of murat for
information it’s lamborghini murat are cut off gt which dates from the beginning of
seventy ten that is they have been built at the time for
compete with ferrari and its daytona and what is still more of a
here is this copy of murat since it’s a discoverable model with
an art top and really look at the
the quality of the design already we can notice this glittery painting
seventies to wish and look on lighthouses well the designer put these
species of small metal slats to remind women’s eyelashes for
really give a seductive look this automotive so amateurs of yum timer and amateurs
of renault turbo look at letters served because here
we have a r5 alpine turbo a super 5 gt turbo a renault 5 turbo but this is
not finished we have an area 11 turbo the grail absolute the fuego turbo 1 cars from
prestige collection a renault 18 turbo here we have the biggest collection I
think of turbo med by renault behind we even have a safrane biturbo turbo friends
Kyodo a f40 to retromobile is including
banal I will show you a little the madness of models that can be found
here at retromobile finally it’s completely crazy look
the California ferrari 250 just go sublime sublime if I turn a little
little a myth aston martin db4 saga early on
recognizes then some also inform oz it’s not the aid 2 euros on
zagato helps it’s absolutely crazy to see that we will continue the visit on this stand
the fisker booth that every year bring back absolutely fabulous models
look at a room again exceptional
aston martin db4 gt she at a short wheelbase for the race daytona mart this booth is completely crazy
completely neu again at fisker this year
there is very very heavy see all the cars are not
still on the stands by all to make the show open tomorrow and a little bit everywhere look have
finished fine-tuning for you postponement we’ll come a little bit later
more in detail on some models and we will share the most beautiful
things we saw hi friends now like all
years well we take you to retromobile the car enthusiast fair
classic little novelty this year there are two is that first of all we
is present retromobile while the stocks are still in progress
installation and then this year we take to our fans
with us just to make him discover behind the scenes I present you hi
hello Damien damien friends who we follow a little bit everywhere and
just to thank the place beautiful claudia this time we turn
with us then we will take you left here we are like every year on
backcountry with still wonders to see there is discover small novelty
this year we invited someone who regularly follows us who is very
active on all publications and one wanted to please and share with
him on your mobile I present to you it is damien iehl and the
hello we’ll find out with him and well the living room these wonders these
rarities and then as usual we’re going to make a small overall tour is gone
so at sotheby’s here we are not joking because we have a
alfa it seems to me 4 it’s a mercedes 300 sl cabriolet and then so much to do
a ferrari at a loss to 1000 ferrari the ferrari aperta and then if we look at a
little further and in fact we also went further
there another ferrari but in version
covered and a carrera gt brief at sotheby’s there are six cars but the
good cars then in the nuggets exposed to this retromobile show you
have this lamborghini murat coming out lamborghini historical workshops
it’s a lamborghini miura sv and who is the property of a certain gentleman
jean-paul here she is exposed here it is extremely rare
obviously so we continue our little tour in
the alleys of this mobile retro and I you present here
this maserati mc12 corsa you remember from the MC12 it was a maserati supercar
here we have the race version on this stand we have things again
absolutely sublime and rare look this mercedes clk gtr
who is here in strict road version version so it’s absolutely crazy
since in fact it is registered this car we can go buy his
bread with that so I do not know if you imagine but me at the mc drive
with that it’s going to be complicated in the shoulder this car is crazy we continue in
the teeth the follies with here this aston db4 convertible in a state
absolutely sublime and
still in the rarity chapter this jaguar type e say light weight that is
a little bit that was designed for the race which was thus lightened as his
name indicated this booth is absolutely crazy since
behind a bugatti but also a jaguar xj220 and
we will then go in front at fisker we will admire a little
little all the wonders that lie here so here we are
Ken son who every year brings us back completely last vehicles
so here I fell in love with this aston martin db4 zagato this is a
work of art she is absolutely
crazy rare terribly expensive it’s number in dozens of
million euros friends but what it must see especially its rarity and its
exclusiveness and go here before our eyes
right next door ferrari goals not just any we will try to find a better
angle here is a Californian ferrari 250 in this wheat
absolutely unique look inside and 9
so for my part I think that it missing a little bit of patina we’re going
do the difficult ones anyway we can not afford but
that too is a model an extreme rarity we continue in
rarities see what’s crazy here I’m missing a 3 liter
a bmw 3 liters is the so-called batmobile
I hardly talk about it so much crazy
we will go here and we will discover
still a wonder see a real this cobra I do not even mention it as what
booth is crazy with this martin aston db4 gt
look at the wheelbase ie the length between the two wheels here it’s
a short chassis actually it’s an aston martin db4 which has been shortened for the
odds for the race forgiveness hence its name db4 gt and you have a little bit more
far here a daytona mart so astonished the
north america racing team I think so race version go on a little tour in here seems to
this booth since
every year again we enjoy with their pretty car and we’re going
finish on this little maserati of all beauty
then at the bend of an alley to at retromobile we come across here are
little wonders like that they are called for example lancia stratos
so we say wow a lancia stratos is blurry frankly it’s awesome
that we learn we turn our heads and we say no it’s not possible we look at it
in fact here for example we have well
dozens of the former stratos it’s this profusion effect to retromobile it’s
completely crazy that is to say that cars on which we fall in
stop are saying it’s one that I’ve seen from stratos and well in the bend of an alley
but in fact there are ten or so fifteen of all the colors in road version in rally version
so I just remind you that the lancia stratos
it’s a car that was basically designed for the rally that has experienced its
glory days in the 70s with great victories including with a
some Bernard Darniche driving and so was later declined in version
road is so here you have here not only stratos but all
the declensions of the most ancient rare to walk in your mobile is
also the opportunity to come across famous shootings like here the shooting of live auto on these 8 or
so in front you have a shoot here turbo with dominique chapatte and
behind françois coux lo so it’s also a retromobile
see a little behind the scenes retromobile it is also the occasion and
everyone have fun because there are cars for sale like this
ferrari 250 gt e or more simply the mustang who is there or again
alfa romeo little joly at 13/100 super from 71 to 24500 euros all cars
are not worth millions of euros so you can come and take him
checkbook and make yourself happy connect to 800 480 miles then his
stealthy the chase and cameron he gets support and hazel icc-services
watergems mass of cash certificate of candy janeiro thing conditions weather
crisis where there certainly ifalpa a mercedes is effective
normand interests one had to hand in nature when gerry 680000 the jade piece
8,880 1890 and surrender under the other center hero having hit a pardon
this superb mercedes oh yes she gets there good friends I think I have 1st
damien announced that’s it’s there it is I’ll go there so you’ve got it
it’s with them fight with friend jerry hi it’s okay thank you way you what
what he does there what am I doing here we at virton
look I’m a little married that with she loves her discoveries with millions
dinars his body school yeah yeah watch the scene as she goes
soon start so inevitably listen to our first participation
official on the retromobile show yeah so we’re really happy
to be there we made a small stand here with a few colors 601 a beautiful
stand the moment rather not bad as did not complain about it
so hurt me I want something that me do well behind you can tell me
a little there is your colorful game seven colorful cars with me I see ptic
2000 it speaks to me then small 2001 by bwin
is very but really not all days who knows everyone knew
the car his little alfa giulia 66 with which olivier pernaut and margot laffite
have already made the rally that 2000 so and then olivier Pernaut with his dad
as well and suddenly last year we had
did the rally I came to take the Margaux relay who participated
just two days jacqueline rhone and I did a part of 6
we renewed this year our optical experience of
we have an official run here we’re going to share
this moment at 2 the olive tree always there by against gerard in invictus surprise and
I take advantage and also mark okay so I take this opportunity to say
that we too will be there because we are going also participate in the auto turn on will be
in a hall by hall then it will be the victor friend who will be there and we will follow
also the self drive so watch out again scales like this in front of all the
even world balanced news so I do not know
there will be beautiful years of years I have having fun is an event
exceptional and I think that indeed we have our anthem
official on to françois halin who comes participate with a pull these
last she’s on the stand then moreover a little further from the talents
of chevrolet and this year between radio I think he is a little more compliant
I think organic milk livier margot who come back whose
it’s ferrell sanyo j I did not do
I tell you no more but we will see his talent off camera ok thank you
workers that are not easier but we’ll do a little trick when we
will watch both because frankly the merit the detour probity
images we see well turn then a little tour of this alfa romeo
13 cents in color so 2
yes their dealer the famous show and look here for a little bit of work that
was done then it’s a covering but it’s still pretty cool, I like it
many little golden legs and so this self will be found on
the self tour so that’s it the friends you saw on
did a very great turn of the retromobile we saw a lot
and to finish this overview of put mobile one
here on the stand armored museum of saumur with
Mr Jean-Sebastien guichaoua who is other than the big
patron of retromobile so already thank you we welcomed
and thank you that this show
I do not know how you felt in the living room but me
just words he safe havens to lose
diversity it’s my feeling it’s my feeling that it’s edifying
to be mobile half their profession
actually the day exhibition
huge but political
138 it took us
the reference total egypt incredible knowing that the first
it does not make sense and 3000 visit
my part yes a profile
and diversity 23 sector automotive the merchands the reaction that there is pressure ah there was
m the clubs what I like too is that
I really appreciate everyone since we have from there it was average
incredible vehicles to several millions of euros
yes there is also a whole party dedicated to vehicles under 25
a thousand euros that I can do
it’s important to be mobile from diversity on prestigious brands
also this time jokingly titouane ma popular par excellence
citroën who invested himself 20 born there are dozens of 18 of citroën he
there is Citroën concept car meeting crazy enough
there was concept because ten vehicles of series jealous double the stake by title
but behind there is also hit rom with r5
the excavations of water with tunes from the fierce and daily with him
there is less than 25 million euros
at all and it’s possible to live not so fast in one station
through him knowing that a vehicle
25000 euros we were seventy years old removed that it’s really relatively
you must know that in France spring collection two-thirds of these cooking
it’s him can have a kit is actually
it is dreaming people will grab milian toulouse precisely this site but
also yes so that’s great too these
loses two places of coins summer month says
it smells like a foot in the garage of sometimes the dust the queen greece
it’s great by stopping the days of sectors but so indispensable I
be there that it pleases me of retromobile Its very important
there are also the clubs but also your mobile if they are not that the
sectors in German a nation of
yes then there we are for example on the meaning of armored tanks of saumur
but we start from 4 years old good because so there are loads
summary of all visitors so there for example we have an anne charm
he has a German tank a 12:04 11:04
it’s really appreciated by even we make sure of a friend
with a tank outside it works very well
also in mobility you talk about the 100 biggest trucks
camille truck standards remember we had even hidden behind him yes
that’s a you have been introduced to the salon de
the car so normally my god parise motor show forgiveness
in 1960 he was presented
it’s so they were gigantic I was not aiming for
to a job center May 27
and in this Sunday sion it’s m
15 meters long and that’s two they were 1
those who use for exploitation
oil desert sahara it we rest a cv that tempts you
zerah lyria who is there who came from lyon
by routing a frame of the heavy pro
vachon special bonus wanted to set to Paris
go to paris and so at the start there had hundreds of people we dreamed he was there in 1967
some and there but today it is smart pleasure of our
but that’s what I appreciate in your mobile I come since the years
90 every year
of the new tour something that surprises every year
But of course it is but go from home the coffee has known bd riad and french yes
was created in 1907 the engineer
and o the concept c-17 someone
my sense she with the who this thing is in position
raised and in front of him were hanged yes
jap to popular success it’s cheap at the time 5250 francs 30
a car cost among others Questions
and first copies were sold and today retromobile
nobody can say that this is the includes gathering of beziers at
world so he if I can conclude anyway
found on all the invalid votes that I have could know
everyone can find things interesting to see at retromobile
that is, we like them rare classics that we love
the popular and besides the brands are investing more and more
on the popular as if of joe hill and three big french
are there but I also had bentley
in short the brands really start to understand the interest
begins to develop departments classical
besides a magnificent restoration of a night will have at lamborghini in the
restoration the jean car proved he was
that was the norm when they removed two
here it is but lamborghini the media
gatti who is the good these are brands that are doing very well
popular release that’s what I like again
with mobilize clay king prices ie it’s really a real
social brewing and that the owner a formula 1 2
rare fact he is the owner of a horses and speak for themselves
school sit next to it and then there is no jealousy it’s really the top
thomas so do not hesitate come here
find your account and then especially here there’s priest the barrier you can
approach the vehicles the pilots even short television presenters
you will be very well received here at retromobile
so if it’s not for this year already make an appointment for the year
next because I’m sure we will still have two attention she said no no no
opposition will propose no question in Anyway thanks we received
thanks for watching and like usually if you’ve had shots of
heart or banks etc you do not hesitate the little ones
comments down here is go Hi
see you soon ciao