korean reaction to indonesia : Jakarta transportation [VLOG]

Finally I arrived in Indonesia Happy The airport here is better than I expected On my first day in Indonesia I am going to my friend’s house by taking a train let’s go The skytrain to go to the center of Jakarta The airport looks clean Checking the schedule To other terminal This is the most orgarnized and clean airport I have even been Get on Get off I am going the train station This has a very similar system with Inchen airport This is very well designed and contemporary Ticketing machine A fast techcnology There is a wating lounge Wow, awesome so good Much better than expectation Space for luggae No prior seat Enough space for legs Very luxurious I am surprised of leaning my seat back awesome This is my first scene in this train While watching a view from here There are many trashes on streets It goes back suddenly Embarrassed Aerobic Arrive Where is a bus station? Is this the name of bus? The name of the bus is ‘Trans Jakarta’ Indonesian girl is beautiful Just go down and walk along the street I am afraid I will be stuck in many cars I think it’s not difficult to find a way Are you sure? A forest of building I found a bus. I feel it is going well This is my bus Is this going to Epicentrum? Yes Prepare the money to pay I don’t have a card I only have a cash Where can I buy a card? You buy a card Where? I encounter a high technology Embarassed Get off I realized I need a transporation card It’s same like korea Now I go down to train station to buy the card My shoulder is getting sick. it’s very heavy Do you sell it here? No. we don’t sell I don’t know where I can buy the card There is no place near me I am going to be mad Can you help me? Ask the person in Motorbike station Gojek He gave me his card to recharge This is a mission to complete He is very kind Supermarket Recharge for taking a bus Minimum price is 50,000 okay Can I buy the card? I only need 3,500 But I need to recharge 50,000 at least Why is it so hard to buy? By motorbike taxi, it is 40,000 IDR Is it expensive? This guy was kind I need to pay 10 times more expensive by taking a motorbike It is too expensive to me. I will do it by myself I asked people behind Do you have a card? yes Who knows I can find it in this place? Why does it appear in this small bag? I found it here, not in supermarket or station Finally, I got it Sound of happiness it’s very hard to take a bus Kiss of happiness But I succeed it OMG, I am stuck in traffic jam it’s rainy but I don’ have an umbrella Get off Mcdonald I feel now “I am in Indonesia”. Because of these hijab people I am going to my friend’s house My first impression of Indonesia The center of Jakarta is as modernized as seoul I expect my trin here