Korea′s public transportation flourishes with smart card payment system 한국 대중교

Three weeks ago, leading up to the APEC
Leaders′ Summit, transport ministers of the 21-member economies agreed to support
a task force to explore the benefits and challenges of APEC-wide Transport Cards.
That… following President Park′s proposal to introduce a transportation card… similar
to that of Korea′s ″One Card All Pass″ system… that could be used anywhere in the
APEC member economies. Here′s Arirang News′ Lee Soo-eun. ″What I′m holding in this hand is a prepaid
public transportation card… while this one here is an ordinary credit card. And with
either one of them, you can ride on any bus, take the subway, and even pay for
a taxi ride anywhere in the country.″ Over 90-percent of Koreans use smart transportation
cards like T-Money and Cashbee Cards. These cards have become an indispensable part
of daily life. ″The transfer system has made it possible
for me to ride on a bus and transfer onto any subway line with just one payment.″ ″Before, Seoul transportation cards were
limited to Seoul only. But now, you can use the cards in different regions too.″
Transportation cards have become must-have items for foreign tourists as well.
We went to Myeong-dong in downtown Seoul to ask how they′re liking it. ″Really convenient. Because you can use
it in a taxi, in the bus, and metro. Basically everywhere.″ ″It′s perfect. This is the first time
today. And it′s quite easy to go in and out of the subway station without having to
know which ticket to buy before.″ Just a simple tap on the machine’s sensor
pad with the card, will let you pay automatically. Then, the machine saves your location and
time on the database… letting you transfer for free as long as you transfer within 30
minutes while traveling within 10 kilometers. You can even use it to buy things in stores,
markets, and vending machines… as long as they are equipped with the transit card
readers. What’s more, transportation cards can
be registered in an Android smartphone or smart
watch, making it even easier and faster to pay for fees.
On top of making everyday life easier, smart cards are seen as a driving force behind the
development of Korea′s transportation system. ″Through compiling Big Data with the smart
card system, operators can analyze various traffic patterns such as how and where people
move around the most. This contributes to a more effective management of bus and subway
schedules.″ Last year in June… the Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure and Transport launched the so-called One Card, All Pass, a new
transportation card that can be used in ANY region of the country… as opposed to just
around Seoul or just in Busan. Since its launch, the number of users has
been on the rise, with more than 4 million cards sold in just the month of December last
year and usage amounted to over 24 million… a 2-hundred 15 percent spike since July
of that year. But it wasn′t all so