Knight Transportation: Driver Trainer Trucker Anthony Evans | How To Drive A Semi Truck

my name is Anthony Evans I started
training about three years ago and the reason I started training because of my
military background I’ve always trained you know soldiers
since 1982 I’ve been training in some capacity or another two years as a drill
instructor four years as a platoon sergeant three years as a observer
controller trainer for National Guard Reserve units Korea I was the school’s
noncommissioned officer in charge so basically over-saw division schools
my name is Nate Jorgensen so I went through the program to earn my CDL
graduated and now I am with my trainer Anthony the squire program was really good I
thought they had four guys that were training Joe Joey ray and Luis and what
was really nice about it was class size was pretty small relatively we had you
know less then 10 people in our class so I felt like the instructors were able to
you know give you that one-on-one attention if needed it but I find
most rewarding about training is every month you got a different student every
four weeks and every student is different so it’s always rewarding to
see students once they a they get it and they have their lightbulb moment and
finally figure it out I think that’s one of the most rewarding parts of training
them my first day with Anthony I was a little nervous just this you know the
unexpected but what was really nice was he made me very comfortable but what
impressed me the most about Anthony on the first or second day was you know by
the time we had two days in under our belt he kind of knew my learning style
and was able to kind of teach me based on how I learned most effectively
another things that was pretty interesting is you know as I’m sitting
in the passenger or driver’s seat while I’m learning you
know going along it’s pretty neat kind of hearing Anthony get some phone calls
from past students that have graduated through the program who passed training
and you know even have a couple years under under the belt you know still
callin Anthony for advise. what to do in certain situations that
they hadn’t encountered before and shares his knowledge it really wants to
help out not just doing it for the pay great guy a great trainer and you know
it’s just real easygoing I always say if you get into training for the money
you’re doing it for the wrong reasons