Kids First Automobile Engineer by Thames & Kosmos

Meet the Omega family Hi, I’m Ty and I’m Karlie Our Mom’s an Engineer and Dad writes Sci-Fi books We live in a warehouse workshop, and build all sorts of cool projects together! You can get in on the fun too! Join us on an adventure across our hometown, Makersville… and become an Automobile Engineer! Help us build a crane for Mr. Steele’s construction site and a motorcycle speed us to the supermarket and a forklift to stack fallen crates in Patty’s Pet Store! (laughing) Oh yeah, Remus and Huxley will help out too… or try to anyway! Kids First Automobile Engineer introduces kids to simple engineering concepts and skills in a fun, hands-on way! The 32-page book includes a beautifully illustrated story… and building instructions to bring the models out of the story and into your home! Parents: Together, you and your kids can read along… and construct the 10 vehicles that Ty and Karlie build during their adventure But don’t stop there! with 70 pieces you can encourage your child to make new creations of their own! The family that builds stuff together… has a lot of fun and learns together! So let’s get this show on the road… with Kids First Automobile Engineer Ages 3 and up From Thames & Kosmos