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Hi friends welcome to UandI Automobiles, today again I have brought new video for you Regarding KIA service support, spare part
availability and official car up gradation or modification options One day back unfortunately my car met with minor accident, one high speed bike brushed my car rear garnish from driver side resulting in locks of rear garnish got broken, Fortunately biker is safe, hence to get my
car repaired today again I visited KIA workshop at Sec-18 Gurgaon (Part of Delhi NCR) There we many points which you guys were asking me to cover, so today in this video I’m answering all those queries Before I start answering you all the queries,
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from me, Since I’m owning kia seltos and I myself
is auto enthusiast my I keeps trying to provide transparent information to you, so lets start As you are watching in right side- following
is damage happened in my car due to collision with high-speed bike, resulting in rear garnish
damage Fortunately, biker is safe nothing happened
to him, Post watching this confirm can u assume how
much was the repair cost at KIA Workshop? Any Idea? Whole car costed me Rs.13Lacs on road in Gurgaon
🙂 Noticeable point is: once after accident i
took my car straight to local car bumper repair shop Local bumper repair shop gave me repair estimate
of Rs.500/- I took his number and asked for some time Now today I took my car to KIA workshop to
check repair estimate, you now how much KIA workshop costed me for new part replacement? KIA Workshop took Only Rs.560 from me (excluding
tax) There is only a difference of Rs.60, local
bumper repair shop was repairing my same garnish at Rs.500 cost whereas KIA Workshop replaced
my whole part at Rs.768 Approx Don’t know about others but this is what
I call cheap and quality service from KIA Motors india I got service, repair and delivery within 40 minutes Now again my car is brand New 🙂
So summary of this video is never assume bad service until unless you yourself face anything, Personally, I am very happy with my car performance
and facing no single issue in my car KIA or any one is not paying me any money
for following videos, if you are planning to buy KIA Seltos then I’m just making sure
that you guys must have correct information regarding car which helps u in better decision making I really don’t know from where following
videos are surfacing on social media showing KIA seltos failure, whether I assume it as
KIA failure or Users failure, I understand Seltos is in very high demand
and sales people are continuously increasing waiting time but this does not mean car is
bad KIA itself is renowned brand worldwide soon
they are again going to launch new car model in India, my experience with KIA is Super
awesome So if you are planning to buy KIA then just
go for it, KIA seltos is a good car I’m sure u enjoy driving it Now coming to points which you guys have asked me regarding up gradation Question: Is it possible to upgrade Normal
KIA HTK+ fog lamps with Ice cube fog lamps? Answer: yes but bumper replace Question: Is it possible to upgrade Normal
KIA HTK+ fog lamps with Ice cube fog lamps? Answer: yes but bumper replace Question: Is it possible to install roof rail
in basic model HTE or HTK? Question: Is it possible to install roof rail
in basic model HTE or HTK? Answer: No KIA Workshop is not offering, you have to check aftermarket option Question: Is it possible to Install DRL lights in HTK or HTE? Answer: Yes but wiring also needs to be replaced Question: Is it possible to install Parcel
tray in HTK or HTE? Answer: Yes it shall cost you 7,500 – 8000 Approx Question: Is it possible to change rear bumper of HTK, HTE into Top model like dual tone bumper? Answer: Yes you can Answer: Yes you can Question: Is possible to install wireless
charger in lower variants from workshop? Answer: No So following were the answers for all your
queries, so lesson I have learnt with this video is if you are standing at Red light
even if a single person is standing behind you – still u have to be more cautious while
taking the turn To teach biker a lesson I just wasted his
Half hour as I asked Him to pay Rs.500/- for damage upon being asked why should I pay? I answered him because if anything happened
with you then you could have asked me to pay 10 times the money
if I encapsulate this video then I hope I have given answer of most of your queries,
and the negative marketing going on in social media with KIA Service have no relation with
ground reality, KIA is offering parts at cheap cost, I only
have Paid Rs.700/- Approx. for getting my garnish changed
if workshop could have asked me to pay Rs.1000/- then also I was
going to pay as my car is new and I want to maintain it if you are planning to buy KIA Seltos then buy it with full confidence it’s an awesome machine and fun
to drive car At last, please accept my sincere apology
in case unwittingly I skipped to answer any of your query over mail or on youtube, I always try to answer 99% of queries as you are aware so far Youtube is not my main business hence sometimes some questions skips from me, please keep asking keep mailing me I shall ensure to reply you ASAP
Till than thanks for watching, take care bye.