Keysight Automotive Solutions

The automobile. No other transportation invention has permeated
over lives more. It has refined where we live and work. How we have fun. How we make memories. Even how we fall in love. From the first cars, we have innovated engines,
transmissions, braking systems. Making them faster, more precise, more streamline. But all innovations have been mechanical,
until now. Electronic advancements today promise to keep
us safer, more connected, more entertained, more sustainable. Autonomous driving. Made possible with next-generation millimeter-wave
radar sensors. But they need better testing. Keysight delivers higher precision testing
that’s 20% better than the rest of the industry. In a unique vertical test chamber that saves
precious floor space. For hybrid and electric cars, Keysight innovations
help produce batteries in hours instead of weeks. Supporting full electric powertrain assessments
and simulating multiple environmental conditions. For connected cars, Keysight expertise cuts
eCall evaluation time in half. Validates the complete automotive ethernet
and verifies infotainment and critical safety feature connections. The future of the automobile is here. At Keysight, our singular purpose is to accelerate
innovation and we are here to help the automotive industry innovate, in ways never imagined.