Joe Monopoli Customer Profile | Advance Auto Parts

♪ [music] ♪ My name is Joe Monopoli Jr. I work
full-time as an electrical engineer and once I leave there, I come here. This is my
playground. I spend my evenings here, most of my weekends, and I get to have
fun. Most of the time, when I come here, I’m working on other folks’ cars, anything
from simple brake jobs to dropping the motor, head gaskets, timing belts or
chains. Anything that needs to be done to a car gets done here. When I
started doing regular maintenance, that started opening doors of friends,
parents needing stuff done to their cars, my parents needing their cars
fixed, and that kind of snowballed. They talked to people and (asked), “Who do you get to work on your car?” And it’s, “Oh, I got this guy.” Well, I’m that guy. I currently own about
13 cars, 5 of them run, and 3 motorcycles. So a little too many. Having
Advance down the street and the plethora of parts that they have available definitely
makes maintaining all my vehicles beyond easy. Any time I need a part and I run
down to Advance, I walk in the door, somebody’s there at the counter. They say,
“Hey, what’s going on,” and usually they have the parts in stock. And
if not, I can get them the next day. ♪ [music] ♪ I don’t keep things the way they are.
My wife drives a 2009 Corolla. It’s been lowered. I’s got 25 mm
spacers on it, HIDs, yellow fog lights, roof rack. My first car was a Saab 900. It
was a turbo car and first thing I did to that was put springs on it and
lower it, put a spoiler on there, a sound system, and it just went crazy
from there, so. The way that I’ve always looked at balancing out, you know, the
mundane work that you have to do to a vehicle to maintain it, the actual
maintenance stuff versus performance, is if it’s broke, upgrade it. Simply
enough. I mean, you need brake pads? Okay, put ceramic pads on there
and get low dust, or you can put a set of Porterfields on there and stop
on a dime. Blown a head gasket? Okay. Well, let’s mill it down a little
bit. Put a thinner head gasket on it, bump the compression some and
change the fuel. See what happens. I will probably continue to work
on cars. There’s no doubt about that, I’ve been working on them since I was a
kid. Working on other people’s cars for the majority of my adult life. It’s
something that I can’t stay away from. I’ve always been the dude riding down a
street – somebody’s on the side of the road with a flat tire or something like that – pull over, you change the tire for them, hood’s up, “Hey, I got tools
in my truck.” We make it happen. ♪ [music] ♪