JEGS Universal Hot Rod Automotive Heaters With Kenny Wallace

Who says you can’t have a hot car and be toasty
and warm inside it too? Get a hot rod heater from JEGS and you’ll never have to shiver
again, at least not in your car! These heaters are available in three different sizes: 12,000
BTUs, 28,000 BTUs, and the big boy: 40,000 BTUs. Wow! That’s a lot of BTUing. They all
feature a compact size for easy mounting, and they connect directly to your cooling
system. Each one has a three-speed blower with a mountable switch. The 12,000 comes
with a grill face. The 28,000 comes with either a grill face or dual front vents. And the
40,000 comes with triple vents. Look for strong, consistent heat all day and all night long.
Warm up to a hot rod heater from JEGS.