Jeep Wrangler JL Premium Bolt-On Look Hood Deflector – Smooth Review & Install

This Premium Bolt-On Look Hood Deflector in
smooth is for those of you that have a 2018 and up JL that are looking for a piece that’s
going to offer a little bit of protection to that leading edge of your hood but more
than that, is going to drastically change the look of your Jeep and do it much less
expensively than some of the other front end modifications that you might think of, changing
a grille or adding a bumper. This is going to be a very easy piece to install, one out
of three wrenches. As it says in the name, this is a bolt-on look but it does not require
any drilling, any bolts to get it installed. Very, very simple for the installation. I’m
gonna show you how to do it in just a second. So, this leading edge area of your Jeep and,
really, of any vehicle, is an area that can get beat up, especially if you do a lot of
highway driving. This area can get sandblasted. It can get stone throws. I know, in my 2018
JL, I already have a stone throw on that leading edge and a piece like this will offer a good
bit of protection against that. And as you can tell, because of the exposed rivets and
the design of this, this is also going to drastically change up the look of your Jeep.
So, if you wanted to add a different grille or a bumper or, you know, one of those other
things that is an aesthetic modification for the front of the Jeep, most of those are going
to come in at significantly more expensive than this is and they’re also going to be
a little bit more of a difficult installation. So, for something that installs very easily
and comes in at right around that $120 mark, I think you’re getting a lot of bang for your
buck when you’re looking at it as a how much is this going to change the look of my Jeep
versus how much I have to pay. So, as I said before, very simple installation. Let me show
you how to do it. For this installation, we needed a 10-millimeter
socket and a T45 Torx screwdriver. We used a 3/8 impact to drive our socket. We also
used a sharp razor knife but you could also use a pair of scissors and a measuring tape.
The first couple steps in this installation are to install some bumpers on the hood so
that the deflector never makes full contact with the paint. If it does, it can cause some
damage and if you ever removed it, you could have scuff paint, it can even wear through
the paint down to the metal and cause rusting issues. So these are some very important steps.
Before we install anything on to the hood, before we stick anything down, we wanna make
sure that the hood is very, very clean. So this kit does include an automotive cleaning
wipe. It’s basically just an alcohol prep pad and that’s going to allow you to clean
this whole area and make sure that it’s free of any grease or anything that would make
these not stick properly. So, if the Jeep is heavily dirty, start with soap and water
then wipe it down with the alcohol prep pad before you get started. So, the first couple things that we’re going
to be installing are these small rubber bumpers and it’s very clear in the instructions exactly
where these go. You work off of the center line of the hood which is gonna be right here.
You want to find 15½ inches in and 4½ inches up from that leading edge of the hood on both
sides for these pieces here. So, I’m just gonna set them down. I’ll grab my tape measure.
So from that center line on the hood, again, we’re gonna come out 15½ which is right here
and then 4½ up from the edge of the hood right about here. We’ll just peel the adhesive
backing off of the first bumper. Just repeat the process for the other side. The next thing we’re going to install is this
D-shaped weatherstripping piece and this is gonna go right along the leading edge of the
hood, again to protect that area and to protect that paint. So, this comes about four feet
long. In the instructions it says that you can trim it down to 45 inches if you choose
to. I’m gonna leave that little bit of extra on it. Certainly not going to hurt anything
but the way that you wanna install this is to find the center of it. You can either measure
the center and we’re just gonna roughly fold it in half. Figure out where that center mark
is right here and that’s going to go center of the hood which is gonna be right here and
all you have to do is pull off the red protector that’s over top of the adhesive and stick
this down all along this leading edge of the hood. So we’ll do is peel off the backer,
starting in this little corner here. Sometimes it helps to use a small razor knife to get
underneath the adhesive backing and get it started. There we go. We’ll get it stuck down
and then as we go along the edge of the hood, we’ll continue to peel the adhesive off. The next thing we’re gonna do is pop the hood
and remove the hood catches. Just the half that’s actually on the hood itself because
your new deflector goes underneath of those. Those help to hold it in place. So we’ll get
those removed and out of the way. So to remove these catches, we just have to remove these
two small nuts on the underside of the hood. We’ll do the same on the other side. Now we
can put the hood back down to continue with the install. Take a quick look. See how everything is gonna
line up for us. Make sure all of our weatherstripping is sitting where we like it. Make sure that
the holes on the ends here are gonna line up with the holes in the hood. About right
there is pretty much where our deflector is going to sit. It’s not making contact with
the paint anywhere. All the weatherstripping is doing its job. So now we can move on to
the next step which is installing the plastic square pieces that go underneath each of these
holes that you’ll put one of those stainless screws through. Now, there are a couple of
different ways to do this. The installation instructions have you do it one way. I’m gonna
do it a slightly different way. The install instructions would have you install the first
one here and then put a small mark down onto the hood through each of these holes. Use
some marking tape and a template to figure out where your plastic square goes, stick
it down and then replace the deflector over top and install the screws. The way that I’m
gonna do it, because I think it’s a little bit more efficient and will give you a better
end result, is to attach each of those square plastic pieces with the adhesive on the back.
Attach it right onto our deflector off of the vehicle then we can peel back the adhesive
covering and line everything up, stick it down and then just replace our hood catches
on either side. That way, there’s no measuring, there’s no adjusting, there’s no marking.
It’s just lining everything up, sticking it down one time and it’ll be a nice, clean and
easy installation. But here’s your plastic piece that’s going
to go on the underside of your deflector. So, put that underneath. There’s a small plastic
washer that goes through the deflector itself and then you have your stainless screw. And
we’ll do the same for all the rivets across the deflector. Now that we have all of the
rivets installed into all of our plastic pieces on the backside, we’ll peel all of the red
3M backing off and the final step will be actually getting this stuck down onto the
hood. I’ll start at the middle here. Very easy, they give you a nice, large tab to grab
on to. Grab that and peel it off. Do the same all the way across and then get this stuck
down onto vehicle. So now we’re gonna get a friend to help us
align our deflector and what we’re gonna use for aligning is actually the hood catch that
we took off of each side. So if you press that directly through your deflector, that
will get your deflector lined up perfectly on the Jeep because of the holes in the hood.
So we have that done on both sides. We’ll get the deflector aligned in the holes and
as long as you’re both in there, you can go along and press your 3M adhesive down onto
the hood. Now all we have to do is raise the hood and put the nuts back on your hood catches.
Once you have the hood popped, you can just start your nuts back on here and then we’ll
use our 10-millimeter socket on an impact to get them tightened down. Repeat on the
other side. So, you can get the hood back down and latched shut and that’s gonna do
it for the installation. Now, the installation instructions do ask
you to heat up the area around each of these pieces of adhesive that go on the hood here
just to make sure that they’re stuck down really well. If you do wanna do that, all
you have to do is remove these screws and the hood latches. The deflector itself will
pop off. That’ll give you access to that whole area underneath. You make sure everything’s
stuck down really well and then put it back together again. I really like this method
of installation. I feel like it’s a little bit quicker, a little bit more efficient and
everything is spaced out perfectly for you. Of course, if you wanna follow the install
instructions exactly as they’re written, they’re gonna get the job done as well. It’s completely
up to you. Regardless of how you choose to install this, if you’re looking for a piece
that’s going to have a drastic impact on the look of the front of your Jeep, all at a much
lower price than changing out the grille or adding a bumper or something like that, I
would definitely take a look at this part and you can find it right here at