Jeep Wrangler Aries Automotive Security Cargo Lid (2011-2017 JK 4-Door) Review & Install

This Aries Automotive Cargo Security Lid is
for those of you that have a 2007 to 2011 four-door JK so that you can lock away valuable
items to keep them away from both prying eyes, and anybody who might want to grab them. Now, in the world of cargo lids, this is going
to fall pretty much right in the middle of the price range. Tuffy is going to be very strong, a little
bit less expensive, maybe a little bit less fit and finish where the Method Works is going
to be more expensive and probably the most solid, most secure option because it does
not have a piano hinge, which can be an area that somebody with enough time could start
to work on and eventually get into. So again, middle of the road as far as pricing
goes, also middle of the road as far as security goes, but a very well built piece that’s definitely
going to work for most of you, and for what most of you are going to use this for. As they say, locks only keep out the honest
people, and this is definitely going to do a really nice job of keeping your stuff more
secure. Of course, if somebody wants to get in, eventually,
no matter what you have, they are gonna get in, but this going to do a really nice job
of upping that security level, especially if you have a soft top on your JK. We all know how easy it is to get into those
soft tops. This is built of an aluminum alloy covered
in a textured black powder coat finish. This comes with, of course, the actual security
lid that you see here but also a couple of side pieces and a back seat piece. So you really do have a very secure solid
section even if the rear seats were to be flipped down in your four-door, this is still
going to block any access from whatever gear you have stored in the back space of your
JK. Of course, this does work in conjunction with
that rear tailgate, so when you open the tailgate you can easily reach underneath of this without
having to lift it up, but you have this locking T-handle here that will allow you to very
easily unlock it, flip it back, completely fold it up, which makes it really easy to
get into this. Again, there are going to be a couple of different
versions of this for different year ranges but just pick the one for your year JK, and
this is going to fit really nicely. This is a one out of three wrench install. No drilling. No major modifications necessary to get this
bolted into your JK, but I would give yourself around two hours or so because there are quite
a few parts and a few steps in this install. The first step is going to be flipping the
rear seats of your four-door JK forward, loosening a couple of bolts, and then you can go to
attaching this. You’re going to be attaching a couple of bars
that go across the back of the jeep directly behind the seats, then there is that back
seat section of your cargo lid. Again, so that when you have those seats flipped
forward, you can’t gain access the cargo area. There is some weather stripping that goes
along with this whole thing to keep everything rattle free and to keep water out if you were
to have your top off on a rainy day. You’re going to then bolt your actual security
lid in place. There are also a couple of side pieces that
go around your sport cage that keep anybody from being able to reach over around the side
and get into the cargo space. This security lid will run you right around
$525, which is going to be more expensive than the Tuffy version. This one is going to have a little bit more
fit and finish. In my opinion, it’s gonna be very, very user
friendly. So if you’re looking to add some security
to the cargo area of your four- door JK, I definitely recommend taking a look
at the Aries Automotive Security Cargo Lid that you can find right here at