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TCP Global Paint Chosen
Hey it’s David from the Redneck Garage well first its a really nasty day out today in Nashville
Tennessee and they’re very little I can do on the truck take a look well it’s just been
a steady downpour all day long and it is cold here there’s a new hood in the Jeep under
its cover and you can see that the rain is just rolling off of it so I can’t really do
much to it today so there’s nothing going on today working on the Jeep but I did get
a package in from TCP Global first of all I’d like to thank everybody for your suggestions
and comments and your thoughts on the paint color for the TJ project anybody that’s married
knows that probably sometimes you have to yield to some of the desires of your better
half and there is a little bit in that for me haha hi baby doesn’t she look beautiful
with her little hat on today awesome anyway she is upset that I decided that after she
broke our oven actually I broke it if you remember from my ham video the glass is gone
I went ahead and bought her because I’m such a great husband a new range and it is going
to be delivered by Lowes tomorrow so we had a big goings on from the redneck garage kitchen
I usually buy most of my paint from TCP global it’s one of the largest Internet companies
to sell automotive paints I could have done one of two things I could have found a jeep
code from that year or any other year and typically that’s going to run around $200
a gallon for the base coat in the past anytime I’ve bought any type of metallic tool box
anywhere from 190 to 200 dollars so I started to look at the restoration shop paint which
I’ve used in the past for their base coat clear coat and they’ve got like something
a hundred and forty four colors leather paint color chart really sucks it’s awful chip and
you can look at other that’s what it actually looks like so you’re doing a little bit of
guessing however with talking it over with Jennifer listening to advice on the Internet
thinking about my guru Jerry on what colors he has used in the past I did pick a color
and it is going to be midnight blue metallic and this is from the actual paint that I received
it is a very dark metallic blue and when I thought about the color combinations with
the band camel roof hard time that we are putting on Abilene’s blue is going to be really
really super nice as far as the cholera spread a little bit on this paint stirrer and spread
a little acrylic clear on it so you can see it but it is going to be sharp as a tack now
because this is $144 factory paint colors that you can pick from it is a lot cheaper
than say I mixed up a gallon of wide 274 hey whatever it is what are the paint codes are
basically here’s what I got and I’ll tell you what I paid for it here in a minute I
got one gallon of the year asain base coat which is the Night Watch blue metallic super
cool color can a whole gallon of that I had a gallon in this is pretty sketchy it does
have a label on it this is a fast urethane reducer 460 270 degrees and it is for your
base coat I got a gallon of urethane high gloss clear coat which will do the whole truck
basically and then the Center for the urethane hardener for the clear coat itself so you
get a gallon of clear you get gallon of thinner you get a gallon of basement and you get enough
hardener for a gallon of clear to mix that up that’s super cool that should do the whole
truck without any issues at all my YJ that I did only used about a half gallon of base
coat clear I’ve got extra clear in case they use more than a gallon that will be okay but
the gallon Oakley does quite a long ways so the price of all the pain that I got in the
original kit for the blue in the clear was $219.00 that’s a heck of a deal now I’ve painted
stuff in single stage before and I don’t think it would be much cheaper than that to get
hardener a gallon of paint which doesn’t go as far as your base clear and then Center
anyway you’re not going to save a lot I will say this that while we were talking about
pain if you’re thinking about single stage which is maybe a little bit cheaper than a
base coat clear coat paint I would urge you to think about moving to more the base clear
one thing is the base coat drives very quickly quickly when you spray it on you have very
little over spray and then when you do the clear it is very forgiving because you can
put the clear on 2 or 3 coats of clear and then after that you can wet sand and buff
it out with a single stage paint you can’t do that you can buy that a little bit but
metallic paint it very very hard to buff out a single stage paint as compared to the base
clear so that’s why I choose base clear more durable it’s a better pain it’s a superior
paint job for all those reasons even though it’s a little bit more expensive and then
I went to another company which I didn’t see on TCP global site they probably hear it but
I didn’t see it is about 50 bucks for a quarter of satin finish clear I’m going to use a satin
finish clear on the hot tub itself not going to change the color on it it is going to be
that camel and I ordered a quart of that camel color from tcpglobal custom mix so we’ll see
how that looks at a single stage paint it will be a gloss finish when it comes out and
then I’ll shoot once that drives is satin clear over it and it will look like a factory
finish all the way around so I’m really happy about the color I’m sorry if you had a different
color in mind but talk to my wife ha ha so coming up we will be doing a video on spray
guns the ones that I like that are affordable for the guys that are doing it in their garage
that’s going to be a video and we’re going to be working on the Jeep taking more stuff
off so stay tuned I’m David from redneck garage keep turning wrenches