Jeep Puts Best Face Forward With 2019 Cherokee Redesign —

if you found the Jeep Cherokee a little
too funky in terms of styling for your tastes well Jeep has made a substantial
visual update to its popular SUV for the 2019 model year biggest change here is
the headlights no longer are there driving lights to kind of sit up here
and a sort of bang like unit versus the actual headlights down here they’ve been
consolidated into this single bezel it still is a little bit fang-like but it
sits above conventional fog lights that are out here combine that with the
redesigned taillights and we see a lot of similarities here with the Grand
Cherokee and the compass to other SUVs from Jeep not as many obvious changes
inside but a few more places to kind of stash things like a smartphone of here
up ahead of the gear shifter versus what was kind of in the Cherokee before also
new multimedia systems graphics are a little crisper than before the base unit
is now a seven inch screen that’s what you see here there’s an optional 8.4
inch display nice that whichever one you get apple carplay and android auto are
standard now the cargo floor drops a little bit farther here than before and
jeep says that gets you up to about 27 cubic feet of cargo space versus twenty
four point six cubic feet before so about a 10 percent increase there now
that’s not the only change as far as numbers go there’s a new turbo
four-cylinder engine that is available alongside the existing carry over
four-cylinder or v6 it makes 270 horsepower 295 pound-feet of torque
that’s almost 25% more torque than the v6 of the Cherokee we’ve never thought
the Cherokee really had enough torque so there you go that should hopefully
address some of that we’ll find out more closer to the new
Cherokees on sale date in spring of 2018 you